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Solution introduction

additiv DFS is the platform that creates digital services for the client and work instruments for bank employees

With additiv DFS (Digital Finance Suite), financial services providers can create their digital offers and automate customer-related processes in the areas of front and mid-office. additiv DFS builds on the existing core banking system allowing a rapid go-to-market of innovative digital solutions in the areas of private banking, retail banking, consumer finance and portfolio and asset management.

The solution suite offer a broad range from onboarding, portfolio management, robo advisors, advisor platform, credit decision engine to secure messaging, audit trail, client cockpit and process management.

Headquarters Location

Zürich, Switzerland


Main Telephone

+41 44 405 6070

TWM video interview: an introduction to additiv DFS

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Investing, Digital Platforms & Tools


The Wealth Mosaic interviews Oliver Steeg, Head of Private Banking & Insurance at additiv, about the Swiss firm's additiv DFS solution. Oliver provides us with: A brief overview of additiv DFS The types of......

TWM video interview: an introduction to additiv

Digital Investing, Digital Platforms & Tools


TWM video interview excerpt: what differentiates additiv from its competitors?


TWM video interview excerpt: additiv DFS, a live client case

Digital Investing, Digital Platforms & Tools



The multiple features of additiv's DFS solution include:

  • Sales & marketing
    Planning and management of campaigns, campaign implementation (online, mobile, email, messaging, social media, direct marketing, etc.), lead management and segmentation, qualification, e2e measurement and reporting.
  • Service & customer cockpit
    Secure e-cockpit for customers in the areas of central communication, servicing, purchasing, contract management, triggering and client reporting.
  • Analytics & intelligence
    Big data analytics, predictive modeling, decision engine for control of customer interaction or processes, OLAP, segmentation engine, e2e tracking and analytics and dashboard builder.
  • Touchpoint management
    Management of all digital content, template management, cross-channel publishing, digital advisory tools (calculators, product selectors, etc.), research platforms with Thomson Reuters integration, experience management and individualized interaction management and policy-based automation of correspondence.
  • Customer center (CRM)
    360 prospect and client management, policy-based messaging, case handling via ticketing system, client document and workflow management, collection integration, integration with existing CRM and call center infrastructure, video consulting (Lync), centralized control of the 3rd party systems in customer support.
  • Compliance
    Audit trails, customer reporting, cross-border management, KYC management, ensuring customer interaction requirements (FIDLEG, MiFID II), centralized management of user rights.
  • Onboarding & closure management
    Digital onboarding or purchase of banking products (account opening, loan applications, investment products, credit cards, etc.), document creation and management with scanning connectivity, real-time credit decisions, compliance / KYC (AML, PEP, CEC, etc.), workflow management.
  • Portfolio management
    Definition of offerings, investor profiling, suitability management (on the instruments level (PRC) and portfolio), order management/order book/block order management, robo-advice, MPT optimization, automatic rebalancing/portfolio monitoring.
  • Integration layer
    Existing systems can be expanded to include additiv DFS functions. Additionally, additiv DFS can be fully integrated with the existing systems across multiple interfaces (web service SOAP, FIX & swift interfaces, REST services, flat file batch import & export, batch XML import and export).


DFS is the platform that creates digital services for the client and work instruments for bank employees. Workflows can be made real time, cost efficient and user friendly.

Additiv DFS enhances existing systems via an integration layer, whereby only the modules required are tailored to the needs.

Latest Developments

  • Sophisticated robo advisory tools
  • Advisory workbenches for investing, elderly provision, insuring and financing
  • Portfolio management capabilities

Future Developments

  • Handling of tangible assets

Key Data

Year launched
Release Frequency
Type of Clients
  • Global Private Bank
  • Local Private Bank
  • Multi-Family Office
  • External Asset Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
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Client Regional Presence
  • Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe

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