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Maximise revenue and boost client satisfaction

Appway is the global leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry. Appway Onboarding’s guided processes cover all activities related to the client lifecycle, guaranteeing outstanding experiences while ensuring compliance.

Appway Onboarding is an out-of-the-box solution that covers all activities related to opening, managing and closing business relationships. With end-to-end automation and full transaprency, Appway Onboarding ensures legal and tax compliance, and guarantees outstanding customer experience.

For relationship managers, back office employees, compliance officers, and everyone in between, Appway Onboarding brings unbeatable benefits and gives organizations a competitive advantage. Through end-to-end automation, Appway Onboarding’s guided processes speed up onboarding, empowering financial institutions to quickly adapt to changing legal and tax environments at a time when increasing regulation is slowing the industry down.

Since it decreases the time and manual inputs traditionally required for onboarding, Appway Onboarding helps institutions maximize revenue and boost client satisfaction. Having an agile onboarding system gives financial institutions the flexibility to adjust their systems to market trends and client needs, as well as the freedom to cross- and upsell—all while remaining compliant.

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Client Onboarding


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TWM video interview: an introduction to Appway

Client Onboarding, Compliance & Regulation, Digital Platforms & Tools


Solution video: an introduction to Appway Onboarding

Client Onboarding



  • Instant notifications
    Notifications inform employees and customers about unprocessed work, increasing the speed and accuracy of onboarding.
  • Client risk rating
    Continually calculate client risk rating and automatically involve the appropriate approval groups.
  • Release regulatory changes independently
    Release each new or updated compliance rule as an independent object, resulting in a permanent, up-to-date regulatory framework.
  • Document tracking manager
    Prepare, pre-populate, manage and track all client-bound documents across the entire client lifecycle.
  • Readable compliance reports
    Produce easy-to-read, real-time reports with pre-populated compliance rules. 
  • End-to-end workflow
    Connect end clients, relationship managers, compliance officers and the back office with one automated, guided workflow. 
  • Third party integration
    Easy integration with core banking systems, CRM, archives and databases.


Generate revenue faster
Each step of the client lifecycle is automated with Appway Onboarding, streamlining the processes while speeding up workflow cycles. Not only does faster onboarding lead to faster revenue intake, with tools to detect bottlenecks and opportunities, businesses can also adapt their operations to avoid issues and focus on revenue-driving activities.

Ensure compliance
Appway Onboarding uses real-time data to identify the right level of compliance and legal and tax requirements based on the client's background and appetite for risk. Appway Onboarding provides rules for global and local regulations such as KYC, PEP, MiFID, DOL, FATCA, CRS and many more. Compliance officers receive complete client profiles with audit trails, while management can rest assured that due diligence follows a transparent process.

Prepare for KYC, legal & tax changes
By promoting due diligence and supporting corporate governance and standards, Appway Onboarding reduces risk by managing the complexity of fluctuating regulations and tax requirements. With Appway Onboarding, businesses have the tools to quickly adapt to new regulations, independent of scheduled IT releases. 

Fewer signatures, satisfied customers
Digitalized document management reduces workflow cycles from days to minutes, saving financial institutions time and money. Digitalizing the signature process enables clients to instantaneously and securely manage information across all channels without firms having to print, post, process or store hardcopy documents. 

Latest Developments

  • Automation
  • Legal and compliance
  • Profiling
  • Client Servicing

Future Developments

Appway 7 will be released the second quarter of 2017 with new features including chatbots.

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  • Broker-Dealer
  • Global Private Bank
  • Local Private Bank
  • External Asset Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
  • Registered Investment Advisor
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Client Regional Presence
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Western Europe

Appway Onboarding

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