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Empowering through agility

Appway Digital Banking helps financial institutions bring their digital strategy to life by providing a digital toolset to achieve growth and build loyalty through customer-centric business models. Banks can quickly adapt to market trends and client needs while providing customers with seamless experiences across all channels.

In the digital age, banks need to be ready to respond to changing customer demands. With a suite of digital collaboration tools, Appway Digital Banking gives customers the choice of how and when to interact with their relationship manager, increasing engagement by providing convenient and enjoyable experiences from any device and across all touchpoints. Customers and relationship managers also have access to account details with one tool, facilitating deep and effective collaboration.

Financial firms need to be efficient and agile. By using Appway Digital Banking, they can use real-time data to optimize processes and avoid bottlenecks, enabling them to focus on business models that provide the greatest returns. Since Appway Digital Banking allows banks to deploy changes independent of legacy systems, they can put products and services on the market faster than ever before, without waiting for pre-defined release dates. 

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Solution video: an introduction to Appway Digital Banking

Digital Platforms & Tools


Appway Digital Banking helps financial institutions make digital technology the core of business by tearing down the barriers between customers and their financial firms, connecting them across all touchpoints from......

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Digital Platforms & Tools


TWM video interview: an introduction to Appway

Client Onboarding, Compliance & Regulation, Digital Platforms & Tools



  • Native workspace
    Access business applications from any device and browser and dramatically reduce the effort to support muliple touchpoints.
  • Digital concierge servicing
    Connect customers with a digital concierge for more effective collaboration and deeper engagement.
  • Business activity monitoring
    Appway BAM identifies critical bottlenecks and areas for potential optimisation. Threats and opportunities are quickly identified and can be dealt with immediately.
  • Analytics
    Use real-time data to actively monitor business activity and set service level agreements. 
  • Isolated business object deployment
    Flexibly deploy changes to your solution without impacting your legacy systems. 
  • End-to-end workflow
    Connect end clients, relationship managers, compliance officers and the back office with one automated, guided workflow. 
  • Third party integration
    Easy integration with core banking systems, CRM, archives and databases.


Client advisory, anywhere.
With Appway Banking, customers and relationship managers are empowered with the tools to connect across all channels. Customers have more freedom to reach out to their relationship manager and receive service in a more timely fashion. In a single portal, employees can communicate with customers and access their online activities to solve issues or give advice. 

Collaborate in real-time.
Add value to customer's experiences by allowing them to instantaneously connect with employees through digital channels such as chat or video calling. These channels can also be used to push relevant content, such as targeted product recommendations or relevant information.

Release products and services faster.
With Appway Digital Banking, financial institutions are able to release products and services more quickly, leading to faster revenue intake. Businesses can also update product and service offerings or make improvements to applications without impacting legacy systems. 

Deliver continuously.
In the digital age, you're only as good as your latest release. Appway Digital Banking offers the flexibility to deploy updates on a continuous basis, independent of release dates. With more agility, businesses can quickly deliver products and services based on customer demands and market trends.

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  • Broker-Dealer
  • Global Private Bank
  • Independent Financial Advisor
  • Local Private Bank
  • Regional Private Bank
  • Registered Investment Advisor
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Client Regional Presence
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Western Europe

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