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Creating and delivering private asset platforms

Delio helps financial institutions and organisations enhance their offering by connecting private deal flow with high net worth capital

Delio is a complete white label platform solution for private assets, that helps organisations and their advisors enhance their offering through connecting private deal flow with high net worth capital.

Providing flexibility and control, our configurable platforms can connect together multiple institutions so deal flow can be shared both internally and externally, increasing scalability in a structured, compliant manner.

From offices in Cardiff, London and Brussels, Delio is building a series of multi asset-class, connected private markets for a range of use cases. Examples include direct equity, impact investing, private debt and real estate.

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CBTC, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AY, United Kingdom

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The idea for the business came about when co-founder Gareth Lewis was working in corporate finance selling businesses for entrepreneurial clients, people who had set up their own businesses and made their own money. He spotted a recurring theme; they weren’t actively engaging with wealth managers once they’d realised their liquidity in their business.

Co-founder David Newman also spotted an opportunity when he was working with wealth managers who were facing challenges in terms of how they differentiate themselves from their competitors. When up against competitors it was difficult to stand out; in a competitive environment with limited differentiation and also struggling with relevancy to many wealth creators.

When meeting high net wealth and ultra-high net wealth clients, wealth managers would turn up with their pitch deck and to the new client it looks the same as everyone else’s, and these entrepreneurial clients weren’t getting excited about the traditional wealth management offering.

On the other hand, when they are asked about what they’re doing in their business or private investing – which they were doing away from their wealth manager – they are far more engaged. These clients were allocating more and more of their portfolio to private investments.

We combined these two realisations and realised something needed to be done to disrupt the market.

Mission & Values

Delio's mission is two fold:

  • We want to be the leading private asset proposition provider, helping wealth management institutions design and deliver an offering right for them and their clients to ensure the industry stays relevant to today's changing client needs.
  • Delio also wants to be the underlying market infrastructure behind private asset transactions, helping organisations share and syndicate deal flow to drive liquidity and transaprency across multiple asset classes.

Wealth Management Story

Delio has worked with wealth managers from the outset, helping build new private asset propositions or digitising existing ones to improve engagement with existing clients and attract new ones. 

The first version of our product was trialled with ING's Private Banking arm and then we learned and iterated from there, working with smaller boutiques and multi family offices to get a broader perspective. Building our solution in line with top tier institutions, we developed a highly configurable industry leading platform for private asset propositions.

Today we work with many of the leading wealth managers in UK and Europe as well as single and multi family offices. We build them the tools to build an engaging and efficient proposition in a compliant and efficient way, as well as providing wider delivery support on areas as diverse as monetisation strategy or deal flow partners.

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  • Global Private Bank
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  • Local Private Bank
  • Multi-Family Office
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  • External Asset Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
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  • Middle East
  • Oceania
  • Western Europe
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  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

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Private asset propositions are key to staying relevent to today's clients; helping attract propsects and improve engagement with existing clients. Delio's white label platform enables wealth managers to build new private asset propositions or digitise existing ones. We provide all the tools and features needed for an engaging proposition but then......

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