Classic Robo

Solution introduction

This Robo solution offers your self-directed customers an easy to use end-to-end digital wealth management solution

Classic Robo is a digital wealth management solution for do-it-yourself investors seeking an end-to-end solution for goal-based investing for both discretionary or advisory based models. It allows an efficient, professional and yet easy management of multiple portfolios with a modern mobile experience.

  • Multiple goals and portfolios
  • ETF and mutual funds products
  • Onboarding to wealth with account opening
  • Real-time investment proposals and simulations
  • Portfolio monitoring, reporting and re-balancing
  • Top-up and withdrawal
  • Market data, research and analytics
  • Secure messaging


Headquarters Location

Zürich, Switzerland


Main Telephone

+41 44 405 6070

additiv: Introducing the future of wealth management

Digital Platforms & Tools, Digital (Robo) Investing


additiv introduces the future of wealth management with the launch of its Digital-Finance-as-a-Service (DFaaS) offering. The new offering is based on the fourth generation of its award-winning Digital Finance Suite......


End-to-end do-it-yourself investing
A comprehensive solution including all required functionality for a true end-to-end experience for both discretionary and advisory based investing models.

Optimized mobile experience
Easy-to-use and modern user interface delivering a great mobile 24/7 investment experience with access to key portfolio information and relevant functionality.

Cost-effective intelligent investing
Goal-based investment approach with rich ETF and mutual funds universe with a modern portfolio theory applied to achieve goals in a cost-effective manner.

Key Data

Year launched
Release Frequency
Implementation Methods
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Cloud-SaaS
Type of Clients
  • Global Private Bank
  • Local Private Bank
  • Multi-Family Office
  • Private Client Investment Manager
  • External Asset Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
  • View Others View Less
Client Regional Presence
  • Asia
  • Western Europe

Classic Robo

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