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We bring lead and SME resources to deliver complex business transformation across wealth management

We are experts in business transformation. Our resources have learned their consulting craft at some of the world’s best known consultancies. They have also worked ‘in-house’ as practitioners in top tier banks and wealth managers. We believe that this blend of consulting discipline and practitioner experience is a key determinant of our success. It allows us to ‘work as one’ with our clients. 

Opus Una can support you with:

  • Mobilisation - we will help you start on the right course by working with you to develop an executable plan, structuring the team, implementing appropriate governance and optimising stakeholder engagement
  • Run - our programme managers and directors are all highly experienced and have proven track records of delivering highly complex, business critical initiatives
  • Turnaround - we have a systematic approach to assessing ‘off-track’ programmes. We quickly establish key issues, prioritise and remediate

Our experience

  • Having been clients as well as consultants, our team understands the delicate balance required to make change in a business while ensuring day to day business operations continue undisrupted
  • Our senior resources have all led complex, multi-jurisdictional programmes in wealth management and capital markets
  • We have worked on some of the largest change initiatives ever undertaken in wealth management crossing all functions and product areas

Our difference

  • While most of us have worked in big consultancies, we are not career consultants. We have all had senior roles in banking and understand the art of the possible
  • Therefore, we are experienced in managing consultants and line resources alike and skilled in managing combined teams
  • We don’t expect our clients to pay while our resources learn on the job. We hit the ground running, get the job done and leave
  • You pay for our experience and subject matter expertise and that is what we deploy. Where highly specific supplemental expertise is required we can supply this on a fractional basis
  • In everything we do, we aim to get our clients to the point of self-sufficiency as quickly as possible

Headquarters Location

London, United Kingdom

Main Telephone

+44 20 7443 9454

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Opus Una: An introduction to Opus Una

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Opus Una: An introduction to Opus Una

Business Strategy & Advisory, Proposition Design, Development & Delivery, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Key Data

Type of Clients
  • Global Private Bank
  • Independent Financial Advisor
  • Local Private Bank
  • Multi-Family Office
  • Private Client Investment Manager
  • External Asset Manager
  • Regional Private Bank
  • Single Family Office
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Client Regional Presence
  • Western Europe

Programme Management

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