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The Profiler is a web threat detection tool that uses AI to detect and uniquely prioritise attacks depending on the risk they pose to your data

The Profiler enables IT teams to detect, prioritise and respond immediately to high-risk attacks

Cyberlytic’s advanced web application security software uses AI to deliver advanced threat detection and prioritisation of web-injection attacks.

Originally developed for the UK Ministry of Defence and GCHQ, Cyberlytic’s software uses machine learning to detect anomalies and classify attack data.  By analysing web server traffic in real-time, the Profiler detects and immediately determines the sophistication, capability and effectiveness of each attack.  This information is translated into a risk score to prioritise incident response.

Cyberlytic’s patented classification approach is more effective at detecting sophisticated attacks than traditional, signature-based security solutions and adapts to new or evolving threats without requiring any manual intervention.

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The Profiler increases the effectiveness of security teams and prevents high-risk attacks:

  • Machine learning classifies web traffic based on threat characteristics, to effectively detect web-based attacks
  • Immediately cuts through large volumes of data and prioritises high-risk attacks targeting sensitive information
  • Dynamic risk reporting demonstrates web threat protection and supports compliance requirements
  • Triages attacks and provides actionable intelligence to reduce incident response times 


  • AI detects anomalies and classifies attacks, meaning no need for complex reactive firewall rules and signature management. Sophisticated and zero-day attacks are covered
  • Save time and increase team efficiency with easy cloud installation, zero maintenance and litte training required
  • Instant, continuous visibility of threats is made possible with real-time risk assessment of web threats. An intutive interface provides an easy to use dashboard and historical reporting for compliance

The Profiler offers advanced web defence, reducing response time from the most dangerous web-based attacks, from weeks to seconds.



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  • Cloud-hosted
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  • Private Client Investment Manager
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  • Regional Private Bank
  • Single Family Office
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