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additiv: An introduction to the topic of financial and wealth inclusion (Part 1)

Interview with Thomas Schornstein, Member of the Executive Board, Global Head of Sales & Marketing, additiv

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Introducing the future of wealth management

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by additiv
| 09/05/2019 11:05:43

We interviewed Thomas Schornstein, Member of the Executive Board and Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Zurich, Switzerland-headquartered digital platform provider additiv. In this first of a two-part video interview, Thomas talked to us about the topic of financial and wealth inclusion, including:

  • What financial inclusion is and why is it relevant in the wealth management and financial services sectors?
  • Looking at financial inclusion, what is the role and focus of additiv
  • Where the market for financial and wealth inclusion is going and what is the opportunity

Thank you again to Thomas for his time and insights.

More insights to follow soon.....

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