Solution introduction

Wealth Solution Builder lets financial institutions (FIs) build their own, end-to-end, digital wealth offering and unique client journeys with complete autonomy at an unseen speed with the support of additiv technical staff

The foundation is the additiv DFS® platform and its extensive, ever growing RESTful API catalogue. Allowing a faster time to market, flexibility while letting FIs focus on their clients’ needs.

It utilizes a standardized and unified API framework to enhance existing channels and add new ones:

  • Tailormade: Build your own solution according to your needs.
  • Flexible: Adapt to future needs by leveraging existing modules.
  • Efficient: Less coding, smaller teams, better outcomes.
  • Speed: Build fast based on existing RESTful APIs.
  • Cost efficient: Spread development costs by leveraging building blocks.
  • Ecosystem: Obtain access to pre-integrated partners.

additiv’s DFS® platform is exposed through multiple API groups, with each serving different purposes (e.g. wealth, credit, document management, administration, task automation, alerting). With Wealth Solution Builder, financial institutions can benefit from:

  • Postman collections: additiv facilitates its users by sharing Postman collections that consume DFS® APIs as examples of user journeys. These collections can easily be understood by software engineers and technical analysts with know-how in the finance industry and specifically the wealth domain.
  • Implement faster: Reduce time of creating custom front-ends, integration into existing online banking applications etc.
  • Ensure quality: additiv enhances, and validates already implemented, examples of every new version of DFS®.
  • Sample front-end applications: Access fully functioning and integrated front-end samples available out-of-the-box to rapidly deploy services. Our omni-channel applications, for self-service to assisted outcomes, are complimented by our fintech partnerships; integrating leading functionality including co-browsing, video, ai, SSO, eKYC, data, analytics and more.
  • Service packages to ease your build: Choose from a range of standard packages accessing expert support, our comprehensive and evolving API catalogue and sample front-ends. Or, select customizable options for your unique build-it-yourself needs. additiv’s packages are designed to help you build tailored user journeys and access documentation, technical experts and training; utilising additiv to facilitate innovation and collaborative opportunities.
  • Comprehensive support and training for developers: Ensure your developers are fully equipped to build optimum wealth management solutions through our extensive training and support programme.  Sessions include an introduction to the development environment, product, architecture and integration overviews, hands-on expert demonstrations, business configuration and API use-cases, as well as an introduction and access to our leading developers academy for post-training support.

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