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Onboarding for Wealth

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Provide clients with a dedicated digital concierge to engage them on their terms

Building trust with customers around the world

Appway is the global leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry.

Onboarding for Wealth enables leading wealth managers, private banks, and family offices to provide their high net worth clients (HNWIs) with a personalized experience while guaranteeing compliance to local and global regulations

Onboarding for Wealth combines digital and physical interactions to provide clients with a personalized and convenient experience—all while guaranteeing global compliance.

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The Onboarding for Wealth offering
Combine Onboarding for Wealth’s business components to flexibly and efficiently design outstanding onboarding.

Digital concierge
Offer the choice of a preferred personal relationship manager

Household tree & role manager
Define account roles with preconfigured rules that contextualise personal relationships

Meeting scheduler
Provide clients with a digital scheduling assistant to conveniently facilitate meetings with their relationship manager

Cross-border interaction
Allow clients to open accounts from anywhere without having to travel

Secure document exchange
Enable secure and direct document exchange between clients and relationship managers

Client profiler
Rules engine that ensures clients are fully profiled through KYC, FATCA, and CRS questionnaires without having to rekey data 

Signature manager
Collect and process wet, digital, and electronic signatures with an out-of-the-box configurable tool

Digital collaboration
Clients can choose to interact with their relationship manager online, in person, or through a combination of both 


Onboarding for Wealth combines digital and physical interactions to provide clients with a personalized and convenient experience—all while guaranteeing global compliance.

Tailor experiences
Exceed expectations with tailored service based on a 360° view of client relationships.

Empower employees
Automate processes to tear down silos between relationship managers and stakeholders.

Guarantee compliance
Continuously update KYC and AML information to adapt to new regulations.

Service customers anywhere
Assist your customers globally with digital, cross-jurisdictional onboarding.

The Onboarding for Wealth experience
Orchestrate the customer journey through a reliable collaboration layer, where compliance is established by design and implementation is automated. Relationship managers can focus on value-adding servicing, managing both physical and digital interactions seamlessly.

  • Prospecting: differentiated offering, accessible wealth manager, data gathering
  • Profiling: family & household tree, KYC questionnaire, risk & suitability, 360° view of client relationship
  • Product configuration: multiple accounts, discretionary portfolios, fee setup, account funding


Appway is dedicated to the success of its customers around the world. With its toolsets, leadership, community, and methodology, Appway empowers its customers to become leaders in the Digital Age. 

A selection of Appway's customers is shown below;


Appway works with partners to deliver complete business process management solutions. Our partners are an integral part of our approach to delivering strategic business value to customers across the globe. 

A selection of Appway's partners is shown below;

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Year launched
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  • On-premise
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  • Broker-Dealer
  • External Asset Manager
  • Global Private Bank
  • Local Private Bank
  • Regional Private Bank
  • Registered Investment Advisor
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Client Regional Presence
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Western Europe

Onboarding for Wealth

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