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Appway 10: Upgrading made easier than ever

By Christian Estler, Senior Product Manager, Appway

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Appway is the global leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry. Onboarding for Wealth enables leading wealth managers, private banks, and family offices to provide their high net worth clients (HNWIs) with a personalized experience while guaranteeing compliance to local and global regulations Onboarding for Wealth combines digital and physical...

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Regulatory Reviews for Wealth

Regulatory Reviews for Wealth enables a data-driven orchestration of the compliance process that provides a holistic overview of clients. Regulatory reviews are expedited due to data centralization and the monitoring of internal tasks, which are assigned according to priorities. Compliance experts can design the review process and meet deadlines with the...

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by Appway
| 30/04/2020 12:00:00

Learn how upgrading to Appway 10 is easier than ever.

The Appway Platform gives our customers the foundation they need to digitalize their businesses. Every time we make changes to that foundation so it can be more powerful and robust, our customers can benefit from these improvements with an easy upgrade. But here’s the challenge: How do we develop the foundation without disrupting what’s been built on top of it?

As Appway has over a decade of experience creating and fine-tuning the Appway Platform, we’ve learned a lot about how to make upgrades as effortless and effective as possible. We’ve already shared insights into how we go about that in previous blog posts.

With the release of Appway 10 around the corner, we’d like to share why we’re investing so much to ensure that upgrading is made easy for our valued customers.

Platform upgrades increase business value
When we debut a major release, we want our customers to be able to make use of it as soon as possible. There are clear business incentives for this: Only on the latest release can customers benefit from the newest capabilities and features, thus enabling them to better serve their customers, increase internal productivity, and adapt more quickly to changes in the market.

However, achieving these improvements can be challenging in the context of large enterprises, as software must be tightly integrated with other systems and services; infrastructure setups can be complex, and development teams are often distributed across locations around the globe.

Our Platform Upgrades account for these potential challenges so that our customers can reap the business benefits. There’s a whole range of functionalities built into the Appway Platform, like versioning and automatic migration, that allow us to perform upgrades without interrupting business activities. Moreover, every new release undergoes long and extensive testing to ensure high quality.

What we check before delivering a product
To guarantee that upgrades run smoothly, we perform several measures as part of our product delivery. Our engineering team follows established Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices throughout product development, especially during Feature Freeze and Code Freeze phases. We never introduce any breaking changes with minor releases and we announce any deprecations and removals well in advance, with alternative solutions for the deprecated or removed features in line with the product lifecycle.

We ensure that the majority of upgrade steps are performed automatically during a platform upgrade, to minimize (and ultimately exclude) the need for any manual intervention. We also provide detailed upgrade guides for all our products with any release.

Lastly, we use the Beta Release phase to thoroughly test solutions that are close to our clients' on-prem installations, to make sure that their complex and evolved solutions can be upgraded seamlessly; we mimic clients’ infrastructure setup to test upgrades with various combinations of the software and services they use.

The countdown to Appway 10 release
By upgrading the Appway Platform, our customers get more business value with little to no effort. There’s no investment into new hardware, no new staff to hire, and no specific trainings to be done.

Appway aims to make Platform Upgrades as smooth as possible. As the majority of our customers run their applications on their own premises – with tight integration with other IT systems and services – we are unable to provide 100%-automated upgrades. Nevertheless , we’re trying to get closer and closer to fully-automated Platform Upgrades, one release at a time.

The Appway 10 release is fast approaching – Get ready to get on board and upgrade your Appway Platform more easily that every before!

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