Solution introduction

Wrapping the power of AI around your advisers to enhance client interaction

Our platform is powered by the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP). It gives you access to advanced capabilities to power hybrid solutions that can automate workflows, offer live prompts, present useful client information when you need it…and much more. We call this Human+

Make your advisers superhuman
Wrap the power of AI around your advisers to enhance client interaction. Release them from low value administration, augment their service with real-time information and provide a second pair of eyes for risk and compliance. Our pipeline of NLP capabilities can be configured for multiple outcomes depending on your needs. Some examples include:

  • Live risk monitoring
    Transition risk monitoring to point of sale / service. Monitor, flag and resolve a range of risks live, in conversation including vulnerability, suitability and conduct.
  • Automated CRM admin
    Extract static and dynamic client data direct from interactions and auto populate your CRM systems.
  • Live advisor prompts
    Embed an AI assistant to work with your advisers, prompting questions, solutions and facts live in call.
  • Client insight
    Understand your clients in a brand new way, gain insight direct from conversations to identify opportunities for enhanced customer service and product development.

Working with us:

  • Design-build-deploy
    We combine our proprietary NLP capabilities with scalable FaaS to build bespoke solutions for enterprise clients. We work with you to understand your vision and existing capabilities and develop a solution to make your vision a reality. Our NLP pipeline can be deployed using Aveni Connect or your own technical infrastructure.

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