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Protect your clients with Executor Assist
Every year, nearly 2.5 million identities of deceased Americans are used for fraudulent account activity and to open new services.1 This threat is known as "ghosting" and can have serious risk to your client's financial assets, credit cards, tax returns, and driver's license information. It's a serious issue that can disrupt estate settlements for months – sometimes years.

Estate planning, asset protection and a seamless settlement process are top priorities. Executor Assist helps advisors provide identity theft protection and prevents delay in estate settlements due fraud. It also positions them as a trusted advisor to the next generation of potential clients. Manage what matters most to your clients with Executor Assist.

What is Executor Assist?
Executor Assist is a self-service solution that prevents the risk of identity theft by making it easier to notify organizations of the passing of a loved one.

  • Simplify the account closure process.
  • Notify organizations, including credit card companies and social media sites.
  • Access anywhere, anytime, without delay.

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