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Exo for Business is built to deliver the next-generation of services for your clients

Our modular offerings are transformative digital solutions powered by automation technology and AI, seamlessly integrable across the entire business lifecycle.

This is the new era of wealth management, with the power of a dedicated back, middle and front office system, within one platform.

We’re in the business of helping you transform yours.

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White label turnkey robo
The end-to-end investment platform built to seamlessly integrate with your core business and brand.

  • Launch a fully working digital wealth management tool in weeks not years
  • Onboard new clients in minutes and fully paperless
  • Branded omni channel platform with native iOS and Android applications for 24/7 access for your clients
  • Fully automated back-office platform with client analytics and tools to manage the entire value chain of wealth management

White label hybrid advisor
Our white label investment advisor hybrid is our versatile investment platform built with advisors in mind.

  • Onboard new clients in minutes
  • Visualise all your client portfolios in one place
  • Easy client management through 360º client view and integrated CRM
  • Advanced analytics identify your most valuable clients & improve retention
  • 24/7 access for your clients
  • All administrative tasks fully automated

API Solutions
Our API Solution allows you to implement a sophisticated digital wealth management solution easily in your existing product lineup.

  • Operations & reporting system
    Deposit and withdrawal management, automatic trade generation, netting, aggregation and reconciliation. Daily or realtime reporting endpoints and automated creation of tax/regulatory reporting documents.
  • SDK
    Our SDKs for the Exo API allow for a quick implementation of our technology in your existing product lineup. Enable your development team with our Agile toolkits and API documentation make implementation as simple as possible.
  • Onboarding system
    Onboarding solutions from suitability and risk assessments to KYC/AML checks from various integrated third party providers for database verification, ID/Passport checks or video verification.
  • Portfolio management system
    Automation of sophisticated asset management allowing for specific constraints and investment universes. The system can be tailored to specific internal investment policies, allowing for unique portfolios for individual clients.


We are partnered with leading quantitative asset management firm ETS

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Exo for Business

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