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London, United Kingdom

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The first of its kind, fully AI-powered wealth manager

Powered by Nucoro's Wealth Engine, Exo Investing offers client's completely unique portfolios, built around their personal financial goals. Once operational, every portfolio’s risk is managed and optimised daily, at a fixed, transparent low price

The Nucoro Wealth Engine allows a direct application of a host of advanced technological solutions. 

With robotic-process-automation handling all data-related tasks and Artificial Intelligence leveraged for unique portfolio builds. In addition, big data technology analyses millions of data points which feeds into the portfolio decision-making. Finally, AWS cloud computing and parallel processing to be able to build and manage all the portfolios on our platform.

The technology behind Exo automates all back, middle and front office tasks including portfolio management, significantly reducing organisational overheads, bringing down costs and providing clients with a seamless digital experience.

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