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What makes FA Platform the best technology to run your wealth management business

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Our mission is to automate and simplify wealth management workflows today and tomorrow. We leverage technology to give our clients more time with their clients

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FA Platform FA Platform is a modern, web-based software platform for investment management. It is a solid base for building your investment management business as it allows you to have everything in a single system from back, middle and front office to end clients. With FA Platform you can manage your business...

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by FA Solutions
| 18/02/2020 12:00:00

In a modern, fast-changing world, it is essential for wealth managers to have a reliable and flexible portfolio management platform provider that will adapt easily to new regulatory changes, automate manual processes, and proactively adjust to their needs

FA Solutions was recently chosen to deliver our wealth management SaaS solution to several European companies (for more details, read our recent blog post here). We had the opportunity to ask our new clients why they selected FA Solutions, and what they saw as our competitive advantage over other solutions. We are happy to share their insights below.

  • FA Platform is a modern solution in one database
    Today, wealth managers need an up-to-date flexible solution that can be configured specifically for their needs. The use of a single database helps to avoid problematic and unsafe integrations between multiple modules and databases. Also, it is faster and easier to maintain one database, which makes the initial deployment much smoother.
  • Delivered as SaaS
    Our customers said working with a provider that drives development further and looks for the best technical solutions is crucial. FA Platform is built and delivered to follow new technology software installation standards and is constantly being improved to satisfy clients’ wishes. Our customers are always upgraded to the newest versions of FA Platform free of charge.
  • Streamlined administration and automated onboarding
    The workflows of the wealth manager must be as automated as possible to eliminate risks and focus on the core business instead. FA Platform serves many needs – from the Back, Middle and Front offices all the way to the end-clients portal, including their onboarding. Our customers appreciate the minimal hassle associated with FA Platform.
  • Our FA Front customer portal
    An integrated customer portal is another fundamental feature that our clients like, because it ensures their data is stored in a single database. FA Front presents real-time data of the end-user’s wealth portfolio overview, which is always accessible on any device.

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