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Family investments — and family demands — can be challenging, but the accounting and reporting shouldn’t be. With FundCount, there’s peace in the family

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FundCount's wealth management accounting solution is fully integrated with all partnership, portfolio and general ledger accounting capabilities embedded in the one single platform. As a result, FundCount significantly reduces operational costs, enhances efficiency and reduces risk. FundCount's extensive reporting tools enable wealth managers to deliver custom-tailored reports to each client. Wealth management...

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by FundCount
| 12/11/2018 12:00:00

FundCount’s powerful family office accounting and analytical software helps you turn data into insights for family members. FundCount gives single and multi-family offices the operational efficiency and reporting flexibility to meet the needs of even the most cost-conscious and information-demanding families.

Enhancing efficiency, Decreasing expense
For both single and multi-family offices, operational efficiency and vigilance over expenses are key priorities. FundCount provides the operational controls to manage data, automate tasks, audit usage and reduce learning time. 

Replacing an inefficient and clumsy multi-application environment with FundCount’s integrated platform reduces costs and increases accuracy. FundCount saves clients countless hours managing operations and making new employees productive. FundCount’s Workflow Manager “learns” your unique tasks and processes, and then guides any permissioned user automatically through each task. And with numerous interfaces with custodians, brokers and other systems, you can be confident that all required data for entity or investment accounting and analysis is there for your reporting needs.

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