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FundCount's wealth management accounting solution is fully integrated with all partnership, portfolio and general ledger accounting capabilities embedded in the one single platform. As a result, FundCount significantly reduces operational costs, enhances efficiency and reduces risk. FundCount's extensive reporting tools enable wealth managers to deliver custom-tailored reports to each client. Wealth management...

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by FundCount
| 10/10/2018 14:51:14

In addition to providing a single integrated platform for all accounting activity, FundCount also brings operational efficiency to your firm by seamlessly downloading investment activity from investment firms or interested parties.

While FundCount offers trade-entry functionality for every security or investment-type, most clients prefer to download investment activity directly from custodians, brokers or investment managers. This reduces manual data (re)entry, which can cost you days per month according to industry studies showing it requires 1-3 people to manage the collection and accounting for every $1billion of illiquid investments.

FundCount’s FC Connect gives you two automated options to integrate all investingrelated activity quickly and efficiently—FundCount’s ETL Data Importer and Private Client Resource’s TotalWealthStream™.

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