Solution introduction

Heuristic Investment Systems provides decision support systems, front office portfolio management systems and investment strategy resources to the investment community

The Fixed Interest Engine is a front office system, focusing on the investment manager, equipping them with the tools required to manage portfolios with confidence and efficiency and to meet their clients expectations

From "what if" analysis, pre trade compliance and trading, to portfolio analysis, performance tracking and attribution, the Fixed Interest Engine helps the investment manager understand and control portfolio and compliance risks. Heuristic Investment Systems‟ objective is to value and provide analytical tools for the universe of securities available in the Australian market, including hybrids. Heuristic Investment Systems believes in providing investment technology as a service, aiming to fit the system to meet client requirements and to generate efficiencies for the client.

Portfolio Analysis

  • Compare portfolio to benchmark or model using customised analytics matrices
  • Undertake “what-if” analysis
  • Performance, contribution
  • Pre-trade compliance


  • Construct mandate rules
  • Compliance function implemented at front office
  • Pre-trade mandate compliance
  • Prior allocation, deal authorization & rights administration, audit trail

Dealing & Adminstration

  • Accurately tracks coupons, repayments, maturities
  • Easy set-up of new securities, clients, benchmarks & mandates
  • Implement security, authorisations, “lock down” portfolios

Client customisation

  • Develop system to support clients workflow
  • Develop and support new analytics
  • Develop and support new securities and processes to allow client specific investment strategies


  • Create customized reports
  • User definable reports such as transactions, holdings, exposures, portfolio display.
  • Audit, compliance,returns
  • Exportable to excel

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