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Bring your insight to life with intuitive cashflow planning software

i4C was founded in 2016, but our origins go back further, to the experiences of the award-winning team at Bath-based Epoch Wealth Management. If you’re a financial planner, it’s a story that may sound familiar.

The firm’s advisory team became increasingly frustrated at the shortcomings of well-known financial planning software. They found the main market offerings to be either unwieldy and inflexible, or overly simplistic – with outputs that were difficult to interpret. So much so, that they decided they could develop a solution in-house that would better meet financial planners’ needs. The seeds of i4C were sown.

With influential financial services figures excited at the fledgling product, i4C was launched by an experienced team of fintech entrepreneurs, intent on creating a groundbreaking suite of richly intuitive and visually engaging financial planning software tools.

Why cashflow modelling?
We see cashflow modelling as key in enhancing the advisory process, by improving transparency and compliance, and strengthening client relationships. We created i4C to provide financial planners with the tools they deserve: a sophisticated but easy to use toolset that supports optimal advice – and the clear demonstration of the value of that advice.

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Manage all of your financial planning clients – on a single system i4C software equips your firm with effective, integrated cashflow planning capabilities – for all your clients. It helps drive the number, longevity and value of your client relationships, raising profitability while supporting resilient compliance and advice processes. Integrated financial planning......

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