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The new intelligence. A wider picture, a deeper focus

Every day, people in business, finance and government make decisions with wide-ranging implications. These leaders need to see the interconnected factors that impact their organizations

This knowledge allows them to make the best choices and achieve their business goals. We call this the New Intelligence.

A new depth. A greater insight
We bring together the deepest intelligence across the widest set of capital-intensive industries and markets. By connecting data across variables, our analysts and industry specialists present our customers with a richer, highly integrated view of their world.

That is the benefit of The New Intelligence. We’re able to isolate cause and effect, risk and opportunity in new ways that empower our customers to make well-informed decisions with greater confidence.

IHS Markit is a dynamic team that includes more than 5,000 analysts, data scientists, financial experts and industry specialists. Our global information expertise spans numerous industries, including leading positions in finance, energy and transportation.

  • 50,000 customers in over 140 countries
  • 80% of the Fortune Global 500
  • 94 of the 100 largest US corporations

Forward thinking. Future success
The new intelligence gives leaders a competitive edge when making decisions. IHS Markit analysts and experts reveal the interdependencies across industries and markets to bring our customers an even greater understanding of the global economy and a 360-degree view of risk, opportunity and financial impact. We look forward to working with leaders in business, finance and government to help them make well-informed decisions.

IHS Markit Solutions


IMActions™ offers an extensive range of functional features to help you increase productivity and focus on delivering value-added services. A multi-entity structure allows you to decide which operational functions to perform at a local level and which to centralise. Operations staff can easily view and prioritise tasks via user-friendly management dashboards......

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IMAnalytics™ deploys the latest and innovative internet technologies to provide a rich and intuitive user experience to business users. Users can query data and create a report whenever needed without the need for specialised database skills or IT resources. IMAnalytics™ is available with out of box connectivity to IMSecurities™ and IMActions™......

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IMBridge™ delivers flexible interface configuration which enables users to develop custom services, data translation and enrichment between all IT environment systems quickly and efficiently. The scalable architecture design enables IMBridge™ to grow with an organisation and its business requirements....

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IMConnecting™ deploys the latest and innovative internet technologies to provide a rich and intuitive user experience. IMConnecting™ issuer services Standardises and automates company matters and corporate actions announcements for the marketplace by facilitating an interactive interface between issuers and market infrastructure. Company announcements are transmitted straight from issuers to investors without any......

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KYC Services

KYC Services is a core component of the overall IHS Markit due diligence workflow process for brokers, custodians, corporates, fund admins, managers and service providers. Our market leading solution is built on Counterparty Manager, ensuring entity data, document collection, tax profile validation, regulatory protocols and self-declarations, legal credit agreements and......

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Markit Counterparty Manager

Markit Counterparty Manager allows users to upload, disseminate and maintain over 200 document types across 45 categories and supports the documentation requirements of essential processes including KYC, tax, legal, AML and credit. With the efficient exchange of counterparty information and trading agreements key to successful trading relationships, Counterparty Manager is the......

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Markit Digital

Markit Digital is dedicated to the delivery and presentation of financial data, transforming complex information into elegant user experiences. As a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider in the financial services industry, our innovative visualisations are the standard for interpreting, manipulating and displaying financial information....

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