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An introduction to the IMVS solution offering for the wealth management sector

Interview with John Motley, Director, IMVS

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| 12/11/2018 12:00:00

The Wealth Mosaic: in conversation with John Motley, Director, IMVS

Can you please provide us with an overview of your solutions? What is the solution set, what does it do and why is it relevant for wealth managers?

Based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, IMVS specialises in working with financial services organisations and providing them with the products and services to deliver asset and wealth management solutions to their end clients. With an industry specialism in the asset and wealth management area, we are able to help ensure that best practices are established, not just during implementation, but throughout the lifetime of the relationship.  It is able to advise on all operational and IT requirements, including hardware, networking and websites.

Our platform is called the IMVS Wealth Management Solution. It is a highly scalable system that allows firms to improve their client service levels, increase productivity, enhance compliance monitoring and reporting, and reduce IT and operations costs. It includes modules for:

  • Back and middle office - comprehensive and designed specifically to minimise the effort involved in the day to day administration of clients and portfolios, with data managed within IMVS' Advanced Portfolio Administration (APA).
  • Front office a sophisticated and powerful tool called IMPACT which offers clients detailed and comprehensive analysis of their client’s portfolios and investment activity, including modelling and rebalancing tools, pre and post-trade compliance/restriction controls and order books which feed directly into APA for contract note production and settlement.
  • CRM - providing organised access to information regarding prospects and clients and the interaction between them and the client’s firm.
  • Compliance monitoring & reporting – a powerful analysis tool providing quality management information about the client firm’s daily investment activities, including system wide auditing to assist in the early detection of potential breaches and the easy identification of any oversight. Analysis of client data is also provided to ensure the integrity and accuracy of regulatory reports.
  • Reconciliation services – provides connectivity for transactional reporting and data reconciliation with third parties, from daily MiFIR transaction reporting to UnaVista through to price feeds and valuation requests for SIPP and Bond providers.
  • On-line services – VOLe is our online portal which offers our client’s clients and their advisors intuitive and comprehensive tools to facilitate valuation and reporting, cash transactions and notification alerts. It also supports client on-boarding.

Obviously, on top of the product and software modules is a clear service offering to clients. Any long-term customer relationship must be built on mutually beneficial objectives. Our objectives are very straightforward; we will supply a market leading product and top-notch supporting services to each of our customers, regardless of their size. We aim to provide innovative solutions to business problems and will constantly look to improve and enhance products and services in order that, in turn, our customers can deliver a quality cost effective service to their clients.

From the first project meeting, our team will guide the client through the entire process of data migration, training, implementation and support. We do not offer tiered structure support agreements to our customers – we believe that every customer deserves a Gold standard service and to this end the product license fee includes direct access to our dedicated support team. We also do not charge extra for product support, we do not operate a queuing system, nor will the client’s calls be answered by untrained staff in remote locations.

When a client chooses IMVS as a preferred supplier, it is buying more than a product. We pride ourselves on our customer service which we believe is second-to-none.

Considering the wealth management sector is made up of different types and sizes of firms, where does your solution offering fit best? What types of wealth managers typically choose this solution and in which geographies?

Our core focus is small to medium sized firms in the UK wealth management market.

Thinking about how the wealth management sector is changing today and will continue to evolve in the future, how is your offering set up to support that shift and the needs of your existing and future clients?

The biggest challenge to the firms we serve is very clearly the ever-increasing burden of compliance and regulation. That is combined with the need to keep pace with the advancement of technology in a digital environment to ensure they continue to be competitive in the marketplace.

As a technology solution provider, we believe that a more collaborative approach between the wealth manager and smaller and more affordable software suppliers such as IMVS is imperative. Equally, we see a clear need for greater recognition on both sides of each other business models. We need each other, especially in the era of heightened regulation and compliance.

Can you give us a live example of where your solutions have been deployed, why you were chosen by that client and what specifically the client is using your solutions for

Please see this press release from December 2016 with our client, Myddleton Croft Investment Managers.

Finally, can you tell us what is coming next with regard to your further development of your solution offering?

In the short term, our roadmap is very much about enhancing compliance reporting capabilities across all of our modules. Whilst there have always been reports available from the system to facilitate the compliance requirements, we are now working on a full-blown automated solution that is constantly monitoring all aspects across the spectrum of functions and departments and outputting anomalies that may require immediate attention of compliance. This includes in areas like CASS, MIFID II, static data integrity, HMRC reporting and Capacity for Loss.

About IMVS
IMVS is a business solutions provider to the wealth management industry that has experience with a wide range of financial services organisations, providing products and services ranging from partial to total solutions. The aim of IMVS is to provide innovative solutions to business problems and constantly seek to improve products and services in order that their customers continue to deliver high-quality cost-effective services to their valued client base. The IMVS Systems Development team has a vast amount of experience in providing wealth management solutions. IMVS are proud of the relationships they have with each of their customers and their advanced technology allows them to tailor their products to meet their specific software needs.

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