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Solution introduction

Cross-border e-learning doesn’t rhyme with boring anymore

Through immersive and engaging scenarios, learn the fundamental cross-border rules, how to behave according to market conduct in securities trading regulation, or the specificities of the country you are active on

With inLearning, we are providing pedagogical digital solutions, covering self-learning material and questionnaires.

The solution allows clients to train their personnel and ensure that they are fit to operate with specific countries. The content is based on digitized country manuals from BRP and can be customized to reflect the bank’s specific strategy towards cross-border regulation.


Cross-border foundation course
Targeting and servicing clients domiciled abroad is exposing the bank to important risks.
Your employees should be aware of general rules and the bank's internal policies concerning cross-border activities to understand:

  • Important principles
  • Key risks
  • Cross-border challenges
  • Internal framework

Country specific courses
Follow these courses to obtain a ''passport'' for a specific country. Going through a captivating scenario, your relationship managers will learn how to deal with clients in various situations to be compliant with applicable laws and regulation.

Country specific tests
inTest is a set of more than 420 multiple choice questions about services in the context of cross-border. An inTest is available for each of the covered countries. They can be used as a repository of questions to compute an internal certification exam.

Market abuse course
Empower your employees with this course on market conduct in securities trading regulation. They will benefit by getting:

  • An overview of definitions and concepts of market abuse
  • A clear explanation of FMIA (Art. 142/154 Insider Trading and Art. 143/155 Market/Price Manipulation) and the FINMA Circular 13/8
  • An understanding of impacted persons, obligations and sanctions
  • The connection with other regulations

Anti Money Laundering learning path
The inLearning AML learning path provides drill exercises based on 200 business cases to increase and reinforce the knowledge on AML and CDB 2020 regulations.


Top quality content
The content of our courses and certification is provided and continuously updated by the market leader in cross-border regulatory information, BRP SA.

Exhaustive coverage

  • Foundation course
  • Country specific courses
  • Certification
  • Market abuse
  • Anti-money laundering

Our innovative approach allows participants to be more engaged, creating multiple memory triggers and reinforcing self-efficiency.

All our courses can be customized to integrate your own strategy, decision and branding.

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