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Indigita is participating in the Asian’s largest event for Fintech industry, the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018

The event will be held in Singapore from November 12 to November 16

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Digital cross-border solutions

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inApp makes cross-border seamless Managing complex situations at your fingertips Through its unique rule processing, inApp is solving complex situations as easily as simple cases. Anywhere, anytime inApp is available from the cloud (indigita Swiss-based cloud or client internal cloud) on any device (phone, tablet, computer).

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indigita API

The indigita API allows external systems and services to have standardized access to all indigita inData and inRules. The indigita API is able to digest specific contextual information and return the appropriate regulatory answer based on country manuals.

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With inLearning, we are providing pedagogical digital solutions, covering self-learning material and questionnaires. The solution allows clients to train their personnel and ensure that they are fit to operate with specific countries. The content is based on digitized country manuals from BRP and can be customized to reflect the bank’s specific...

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by indigita
| 09/11/2018 11:30:39

Indigita is participating in the Asian’s largest event for Fintech industry, the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018, from November 12 to November 16. We are very honored to have been invited to be part of the Swiss Pavilion.

Indigita is a RegTech company offering the perfect set of solutions that helps clients meet the ever-changing cross-border regulatory challenges. We address bank’s challenges by providing digital solutions to access and utilize up-to-date, smart compliance data. Covering more than 140 countries, our solutions support straightforward precision when complying with foreign and international regulatory requirements.

Our participation in the Singapore Fintech Festival is the clear expression of our international expansion. On top of this event, we are delighted to announce that we are in the process of making our e-learning cross-border courses certified by IBF Singapore. This official certification will allow our inLearning  courses to be integrated in a global program for Singaporean banks sponsored by the government of Singapore. At a first stage we will get certification for courses covering cross-border regulations for Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand out of Singapore. Later, we will be adding China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan.

During these days at the festival we will be presenting our 3 main solutions: inLearning, inApp and the indigita API. Do not hesitate to visit us at the Swiss Pavilion to learn more.

For more details, please contact:
indigita SA
+41 44 552 59 40
Stockerstrasse 38
CH-8002 Zurich