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WEBINAR: Which collaborative reporting model is right for you?

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We are on a mission to improve the quality of regulatory reporting data in the financial services industry

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ReportShield is most effective when delivered as a managed service with testing and reconciliations taking place at a frequency suited to your business. You can mix and match components to your business needs and the service can also be used to deliver a one-off health check of your regulatory reporting. The service...

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by Kaizen Reporting
| 29/05/2019 12:00:00

The decision to keep the reporting in house versus delegation will depend on various factors like, type of the firm, size of the firm, number of SFTs traded and firm’s view towards data security. Risk concerns will play an important role considering the sensitive information that is required to be transmitted in a delegation scenario. 

In this webinar, we discuss some of the key factors, challenges and critical issues as well as ‘pros and cons’ around delegated reporting.

Marcus Jeffery, Global Head of PreSales, Director, London Stock Exchange at UnaVista

  • Tom Wieczorek, MD Global Product Management, UnaVista at London Stock Exchange Group
  • Jonathan Lee, Senior Regulatory Reporting Specialist (SFTR) at Kaizen Reporting

Click this link to view the webinar: