Solution introduction

When the private or institutional investor is not satisfied with the performance of his investment, we generally step in and take an executive co-management role, thereby legitimising our participation by putting “our skin in the game”.

Taking full advantage of the broad scope of our skills, we start hands-on “consulting and managing on-the-go” with the improvement of the operational performance, a business model check, and a thorough assessment of the go-to-market approach. We take care of the liquidity management on a daily basis and organise stepwise capital rounds and loans as and when needed.

We don’t waste precious time with lengthy restructuring but rather coach the crew in place, create a quick “interim” strategy to determine value-adding business activities, and refine strategy and personnel issues later.

When it comes to the exit, we have aligned interests with the investor, being investors ourselves. We then choose carefully the best transaction and tax advisors from our network.

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