Solution introduction

Independently of the strength of their strategies, there are numerous areas where companies can jeopardise their existence at an operational level. Very often, the main problem is not the strategy of the company but its poor execution.

This starts by having the right people in key managerial and technical functions. Taking into account that any money distributed down the road has to be earned on the market first, the sales process, bid management, customer satisfaction and retention are all crucial. On the financial and legal side the pitfalls are many, such as the lack of back-to-back contracts, and poor management of cash and suppliers.

Other than the classical cost-cutting approach, and based on our effectivity model, we systematically go after the main levers of operational improvement, including a review of the key processes with the goal of making them more efficient.

Our associate partners are highly experienced professionals in these fields and are able to locate the source of inefficiencies very rapidly due to this extensive professional experience.

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