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How to pick your client portal supplier?

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Beautiful client portals for wealth management

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Imagine being able to give your clients the ability to access all of their financial data, on the move, 24/7... The freedom this would give them, and how this could revolutionise your relationship with them. Not only will they be able to access their investments and pension and general savings portfolios,...

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by moneyinfo
| 28/02/2019 12:00:00

The success of your client portal will depend on how intuitive the experience is in practice. Therefore it is important to ask potential client portal suppliers the following questions:

  • How powerful is the portal admin allowing you to tailor and track the experience for each client?
  • Can you turn off certain functions and introduce them at your own pace?
  • Does your portal offer daily valuation coverage across all major financial institutions?
  • Does the secure messaging include a message thread so you can clearly see the conversation history at your fingertips?
  • Can you brand the app for clients to download from the Apple and Google appstores?
  • Can your clients add to their financial profile on the move and without having to fill out forms?
  • Can the portal supplier support your marketing efforts?
  • Can you see what your clients see in real-time to assist with 'in the moment' support queries?

When you get the basics right, it is easier to achieve the benefits you are hoping for. These benefits will differ from firm to firm but typically includes:

  • Going paperless by moving correspondence to a secure channel
  • Increased client engagement and retention
  • Having your brand present on the appstores with minimal investment
  • Consolidating portfolio reporting with a single login across multiple providers
  • Allow clients to track all of their wealth including properties, workplace pensions and 3rd party wealth management accounts
  • Organising your clients’ lives by safeguarding their important paperwork

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