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Why a CRM supplier is the wrong choice for your client portal …

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Beautiful client portals for wealth management

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Imagine being able to give your clients the ability to access all of their financial data, on the move, 24/7... The freedom this would give them, and how this could revolutionise your relationship with them. Not only will they be able to access their investments and pension and general savings portfolios,...

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by moneyinfo
| 12/07/2018 16:37:29

Here’s the view from another advice firm, just like yours:

“My current portal from my CRM supplier logically made sense but in practice you soon find out the limitations.

I am finding that I am apologising for it in advance of giving clients access to it. The client experience simply isn’t strong enough and it makes me nervous putting my brand on it.

We want something where clients feel like they can use it on a day to day basis, not just because we tell them to when we send them a communication. 

From a technical point of view, it is slow, clunky and complicated when a client eventually gets into it.  Because clients do not use it often enough they frequently call me for password requests which just adds to everyone’s frustration. 

However, moneyinfo is the experience we want to put in front our clients and the team have really thought about engaging the client first and then cleverly mapping it back to how a wealth manager operates. We can also get our own brand in the Appstores rather than push our clients to a brand they do not recognise”.

Aidan Dow @ AidanWealth

When it comes to selecting a client portal to give your clients access to their finances online, there a range of factors to take into account. Here’s a list of the most important considerations:

  • Differentiation: have your own branded apps on the Appstore, not a third party brand your clients will not recognise
  • Engagement: give your clients something they will use more frequently, not just to view the output of your services. Otherwise, you will just be another login in their lives
  • Focus: select a service provider whose business is 100% focused on client portals (not all things to all men which only achieves mediocrity)
  • Adoption support: your client portal supplier should support you with ongoing marketing materials and strategies to ensure ongoing adoption. Our interests for client adoption are aligned with yours
  • If its measured, its managed: measure your ongoing adoption and fine-tune your communications to ensure frequency of login
  • Innovation: select a client portal supplier which also focuses on improving other areas of your operation like onboarding, factfinding, digital signatures and important document storage
  • Data Security and GDPR Compliance: GDPR compliant communications and privacy controls. all through a single client login
  • Confidence: roll out a client portal you are actually proud of

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