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Truly independent of any investment provider, bank, or major life assurance company, we're backed by a combination of private individuals and corporate organisations and work in partnership with a number of professional organisations to deliver a comprehensive wealth management service

We offer a variety of product wrappers, such as ISA and SIPP, and access to a very broad range of investments including funds from the UK and abroad, Exchange Traded Funds, structured products, cash deposits and access to equities, Investment trusts and bonds via a share dealing account.

We have a national sales team, a knowledgeable account management team and an experienced management team. We also believe in handling enquiries directly.

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The Novia Platform

Tools Through the Novia Platform we provide a comprehensive suite of tools for advisers. We developed the tools based on advisers’ requirements so that they can simply and easily inform and manage clients’ investment decisions. We seek to add value by cutting out unnecessary paperwork and the time wasted by repeatedly having......

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