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Bridging the gap: The rise of the digital retail investor

The 2021 Saving into Investment Benchmark

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by Nucoro
| 22/04/2021 12:29:20

Across the world, micro-trading apps such as Robinhood continue to gain traction, highlighting the appetite of the mass affluent to venture into the world of investing.

The opportunity for banks in moving savers to investors is also starting to be realised, with many of the larger institutions moving towards offering digital investment propositions.

But which banks are doing it well?
We analysed the top 30 banks across Europe to understand the current landscape of saving and investing capabilities and to identify key areas of innovation that banks can focus on to engage, retain and attract new customers.


  • 83% of banks we analysed offer savings goals for their customers
  • 40% offer their customers goal-based investing
  • Just 20% guide their customers from saving to investing in a seamless journey

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