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Press release: New research from Nucoro

By Melanie Palmer, Chief Marketing Officer, Nucoro

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by Nucoro
| 24/09/2019 12:00:00

53 Retail investors - LI - Ads-1

Just over half (53%) of retail investors would consider using a robo-adviser platform, according to new research* from Nucoro, a B2B fintech providing wealth management as a service solutions.

Some 60% of male investors and 47% of female investors would consider using robo-advisers, respectively.

The findings also revealed a huge disparity between investors of different ages and their views on robo-investment platforms. 76% of retail investors interviewed aged between 18 and 24 would feel comfortable using them, compared to only 32% of those aged 65 and over.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 15.11.14

When it comes to what stage of the investment process retail investors would most like to speak to a person/adviser, 51% chose during the explanation of fees and charges. This is followed by 43% who want to have a better understanding of the performance of their investments.

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Nikolai Hack, the COO and UK MD of Nucoro commented:

“Robo-advice platforms are a relatively new development in the wealth management sector and are clearly set for strong growth, which in many cases will be driven by younger investors.

However, robo-advisers clearly need to provide service levels around several issues important to investors, and in some cases, this could mean providing access to human advisers.

Increasingly, success in wealth management will come down to the technology and digital proposition that providers can offer their clients around all aspects of how they manage their investments. Because of their legacy systems, more IFAs and wealth managers will need to outsource these areas of their operations to specialist third parties like us. That’s why we offer internal automation solutions, as well as the external digital experiences, to provide a comprehensive and flexible set of routes to effective digitalisation for wealth managers.”

From client onboarding to portfolio construction through to billing automations, Nucoro combines all the tools required to build the next generation of wealth management propositions. To help the wealth management sector move forward, Nucoro offers a new technology-based foundation built without legacies - a complete overhaul to the models of client service and accessibility. Nucoro’s is a radically different approach to the relationship between technology providers and the organisations adopting their solutions – in short, they can provide the new engine to power the next generation of financial services.

Whilst Nucoro has recently launched to the public, the technology behind it provides the technology behind the retail investment platform, Exo Investing – a fully automated, AI-powered wealth management platform. Within the first year of operation, Exo won two industry awards (Best digital wealth manager OTY + Industry Innovator OTY at the AltFi awards 2018), was named as a finalist in three more and selected to two disruptive company annual indexes (Wealthtech 100 and Disruption50’s 100 most disruptive UK companies).

Nucoro is making this technology available not only to private investors but also for businesses in the wealth management sector that have the ambition to truly innovate and future-proof their businesses - and are struggling to realise their digital ambitions alone.”

*The research company Consumer Intelligence interviewed 1,028 UK retail investors in August 2019. The survey was conducted online.

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