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Working in the cloud

By Andrew Sherlock, Chief Operating Officer, Opus Nebula

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Reporting as a Service improves reporting outputs, allows more time for client servicing, brings flexibility and scale to your client and fund reporting, lowers operational risk and reduces your costs

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Reporting as a Service

Reporting as a Service is a complete end-to-end client reporting solution. It is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for security, scale and resilliance. The system benefits from dynamic templates that automatically flex based on the client or fund, and other data to produce exactly the required reports, in any...

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by Opus Nebula
| 13/05/2020 16:04:44

Ten years ago, there was considerable reluctance within the financial services industry to adopt the “cloud” as a technology. However, ten years later the cloud industry has demonstrated to the somewhat sceptical and cautious financial services industry that the cloud really does provide significant benefits, including; high availability, resilience, security and of course cost savings.

Some of these benefits have never been quite as pertinent as they are right now, during a time when many of us are working from home and need a secure system which can be easily accessed from any location to ensure it is “reporting as usual”.

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Investment firms have now realised there are significant benefits to be realised and cost savings to be enjoyed in working with a provider, who brings significant expertise, product focus and scale and efficiency to their business.

Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have done this for the cloud industry, and financial services firms are now increasingly onboard and realising the vast benefits of this model. By using the cloud, the investment firms not only simplify their business but also lower costs and risks and enjoy an improved service.

A key learning point here is that expert providers can do the job better and cheaper than the investment firm themselves, and due to the scale and efficiency of the provider model, at a reduced price point too, thus everyone gains.

Interestingly, a significant technological step such as the move to the cloud also facilitates another technological step forward, and for the same model and benefits to be applied again. This time with services that are delivered by the cloud – the “as a service” model.

In our case – investment reporting. Our cloud-based, client and fund reporting system shares the same fundamental model characteristics as the move to the cloud; expert providers can do the job better and cheaper than the investment firm themselves, and due to the scale and efficiency of the provider model, at a reduced price point too, thus in the same way as before – everyone gains.

Our cloud-based Reporting “as a service” model, allows investment firms to rely on us an expert provider to provide their client and fund reporting system, which in turn is securely hosted in the cloud. There’s no point in each individual investment firm creating their own reporting system for their teams to use to produce reports for their clients, when they can use the best system and have it centrally maintained and delivered to them to use.

As independent providers of investment reporting, we offer a tailored service delivered using cloud-based infrastructure and advanced technology which allows your users to manage and control the entire reporting process and provide reporting of the highest quality to your clients.

Like all great solutions, our reporting service is simple to understand and use; Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

Reporting as a Service is a cloud-based system that provides investment firms with a complete end to end client and fund reporting solution, that is flexible, scalable and future proof.

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