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Orbium, a global financial services management and technology consulting firm

We support banks in their digital strategic business transformation projects

Orbium understands that financial services are continually evolving and that's why our mission is to help clients transition easily to strategic business models. We are committed to providing experts with fresh eyes, staying dedicated to our roots, and moving swiftly according to the ever-changing landscape. We always strive to remain innovative to offer high-end services at absolute value.

We help banks and wealth managers realise their strategy and execution priorities. Widely recognised for exceptional commitment, we help our clients to realise revenue growth and efficiency gains through innovation and industrialisation. By effectively blending business and technology consulting with software products and strong partnerships, we enable clients to focus on what matters most: their own success. We are now part of Accenture Wealth Management. 

Geneva WealthTech Forum: The view from a Swiss-headquartered technology & business strategy consulting firm


During the 2019 Geneva Wealthtech Forum, we interviewed Olivier Grandjean, Associate Director at Switzerland-headquartered Orbium (Now Part of Accenture Wealth Management), to get the view of a locally-active, wealth management-focused......

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Compliance & Regulation, Compliance & Regulatory Services


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Business & Client Risk, Compliance & Regulatory Services


Orbium: A status update on compliance and regulation in wealth management (Part 1)

Business & Client Risk, Compliance & Regulatory Services


Orbium: Why clients work with the firm and what factors make it stand out

Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Strategy & Consulting


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Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Strategy & Consulting


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Business Strategy & Advisory, Proposition Design, Development & Delivery, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Orbium: Wealth management C-level survey interview (Part 3)

Business Strategy & Advisory


Orbium: Wealth management C-level survey interview (Part 2)

Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Implementation & Management, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Orbium: Wealth management C-level survey interview (Part 1)

Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Implementation & Management, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Orbium: C-level infographic video

Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Business Overview

Orbium, part of Accenture Wealth Management, is a transformation leader for the wealth management industry across Europe and Asia. Widely recognised for deep wealth management expertise and exceptional client commitment, Orbium helps clients reduce business and technology complexity to deliver revenue growth and operational efficiency via innovation and industrialisation. With a proven ability to combine business and technology consulting with software products and strong partnerships, Orbium brings focus to what matters most: client success.

The company employs more than 500 people located in the world’s key financial centres: New York, London, Zurich, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Luxembourg, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Warsaw and Manila.


Orbium works with 50+ International clients


Our clients benefit from the work we do with partners and in alliances to develop promising early-stage innovations in FinTech and RegTech. By bringing them to market in a carefully curated ecosystem, we make each member stronger. Orbium is at the centre of this ecosystem, providing access, funding, mentoring, expertise and knowledge. Our partners include: software providers NetGuardians, specialists in beating fraud; BRP Indigita, which specialises in cross-border banking compliance; EdgeLab, which focuses on investment risk software; and Swiss venture-capital firm Polytech Ventures. Orbium is also the official Avaloq Premium Implementation Partner with the most extensive Avaloq experience and is involved in all the major Avaloq Implementation projects worldwide.

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Orbium Solutions

Core Banking Solutions

Wealth management 4.0 demands robust and flexible banking platforms that allow the business to evolve and grow. From business process analysis design to business acceptance, system configuration to platform development and data migration to cutover, our IT specialists fill the gaps between business design and technology delivery, architecture need and......

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Wealth Management Solutions

The Wealth Management Solutions include front office optimisation, functional optimisation, regulatory compliance advisory, digital services, data driven transformation and transformation advisory solutions. Scroll down to see our wealth management solutions....

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Banking Platform Transformation

Banking platform transformation affects the whole organisation. Orbium has experts to help clients prepare and integrate the transformation across product, business process, function and stakeholder priorities, as well as the wider IT systems. Today’s platforms must be flexible enough to deliver the sophisticated products and services demanded by customers and enable......

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Data Driven Transformation

Orbium helps Avaloq clients use business intelligence and data analytics successfully to change and grow their business. Our services and tools on data driven transformation make the most of the latest digital capabilities....

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Digital Services

Wealth management 4.0 means using technology to provide strong and lean user experiences. Drawing on a long history of successful core integrations, Orbium helps clients maximise the impact of their digital investments by thinking beyond traditional business lines....

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Comprehensive and reliable data is a crucial issue in the banking sector since this forms the basis for all analyses and decisions. Moreover, advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics are opening up new areas of competitive advantage. Key to maximising opportunities is a master database – a single source of truth.......

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Front Office Optimisation

Banks are continuously seeking to develop and optimise revenue, from new and existing sources. Orbium can support these initiatives by analysing and improving the way the front office operates, in particular by holistically reviewing the products, services and pricing offered, along with the sales and distribution processes, people and systems....

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Functional Optimisation

The real impact of banking platform upgrades, post-merger integration or digital transformation on the whole organisation are all too often neglected, significantly reducing the chances of successful outcomes. At Orbium, we focus early on business design and functional optimisation to help identify and deliver incremental benefits and commercial value. ...

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Learning Solutions

As the only official Avaloq Training Partner, Orbium is accredited to offer a wide range of technical and business-related courses, including the Avaloq Certified Customisation Professional (ACCP) course. Participants learn everything required to implement, maintain and use the Avaloq Banking System efficiently. We offer standalone courses and workshops, as well......

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Common development mistakes, lack of automation and access to sensitive data can create persistent problems during a core banking system implementation. Orcat is a product framework developed by Orbium that includes 5 different modules which help to improve the quality of customised Avaloq codes, save time during migration, and support......

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Regulatory Compliance Advisory

Orbium helps clients become fully compliant and achieve both customer investment goals and their own strategic business objectives. To supplement our functional expertise, we draw on a network of regtech partners to ensure we always provide the most appropriate and innovative solutions....

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In the current landscape where markets are fast-moving and dynamic, banking systems must deliver control and security. SecurEasy is a configurable security set-up that gives banks complete control over the use of their Avaloq Banking Suite system. It is currently used by more than 85% of the Avaloq community....

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Testing is an essential but time-sensitive activity that must be repeated with every platform release or enhancement. To optimise the process we created TestMaster, which automates functional and regression testing of the Avaloq Banking Suite....

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Transformation Advisory

Orbium’s Transformation Advisory proposition provides an end-to-end service that enables clients to confidently and effectively define and execute transformational change regardless of the scale and complexities of scope, environment and geographical reach....

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