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Stockerstrasse 38, CH – 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

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Orbium, a global financial services management and technology consulting firm

We support banks in their digital strategic business transformation projects

Orbium understands that financial services are continually evolving and that's why our mission is to help clients transition easily to strategic business models. We are committed to providing experts with fresh eyes, staying dedicated to our roots, and moving swiftly according to the ever-changing landscape. We always strive to remain innovative to offer high-end services at absolute value.

We help banks and wealth managers realise their strategy and execution priorities. Widely recognised for exceptional commitment, we help our clients to realise revenue growth and efficiency gains through innovation and industrialisation. By effectively blending business and technology consulting with software products and strong partnerships, we enable clients to focus on what matters most: their own success. We are now part of Accenture Wealth Management. 

Business Overview

Orbium, part of Accenture Wealth Management, is a transformation leader for the wealth management industry across Europe and Asia. Widely recognised for deep wealth management expertise and exceptional client commitment, Orbium helps clients reduce business and technology complexity to deliver revenue growth and operational efficiency via innovation and industrialisation. With a proven ability to combine business and technology consulting with software products and strong partnerships, Orbium brings focus to what matters most: client success.

The company employs more than 500 people located in the world’s key financial centres: New York, London, Zurich, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Luxembourg, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Warsaw and Manila.


Orbium works with 50+ International clients


Our clients benefit from the work we do with partners and in alliances to develop promising early-stage innovations in FinTech and RegTech. By bringing them to market in a carefully curated ecosystem, we make each member stronger. Orbium is at the centre of this ecosystem, providing access, funding, mentoring, expertise and knowledge. Our partners include: software providers NetGuardians, specialists in beating fraud; BRP Indigita, which specialises in cross-border banking compliance; EdgeLab, which focuses on investment risk software; and Swiss venture-capital firm Polytech Ventures. Orbium is also the official Avaloq Premium Implementation Partner with the most extensive Avaloq experience and is involved in all the major Avaloq Implementation projects worldwide.

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  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices

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