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Orbium's Wealth Management C-Level Survey

Insight summary report, “Private Banking and Wealth Management 4.0”

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Orbium Digital

We recognise the value of a digitally connected and engaged salesforce and client base. Working with banks, we focus on developing and enhancing their digital strategy to deliver customer-centric capabilities, including digital onboarding, robo-advice and other frontline tools to improve productivity and compliance. As a result, our clients can offer...

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Regulation is now a constant challenge for banks, requiring increased resources and adding to overheads. Often regulation varies per region and requires constant monitoring. We understand the impact of such continuous change and have the experience and frameworks in place to address it. Action may include the review and updating of...

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by Orbium
| 06/07/2018 13:37:06

The Private Banking and Wealth Management industry is under siege, yet optimism reigns

The Orbium Wealth Management C-Level Survey offers an insider’s view of the current and future look of the wealth management industry in Europe and Asia. Respondents were C-level executives from nearly 50 leading private banking and wealth management firms who together manage private wealth assets of more than $2.5 trillion.

Data collection for the survey took place between September and December 2017. The survey findings highlight the key opportunities and challenges identified by C-level executives and reveal their views on how to succeed in an uncertain and fast-changing environment. It also provides insights into the key gaps, blind spots and gamechangers affecting their efforts.

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