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Owen James: Mindful of Technology in Financial Services - A Technology Vendor's View with Nick Hall

Interview with Nick Hall, Account Director, Wealth Wizards

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by Owen James Group
| 16/03/2020 06:00:00

During Owen James' first Mindful of Technology in Financial Services event in London in November 2019, we interviewed Nick Hall, Account Director at Wealth Wizards for his view on aspects of the role of technology in wealth management.

Nick provided his view on:

  • Where he sees the opportunities for wealth managers and other financial services firms through the greater use and capabilities of technology
  • When looking at where wealth managers are focusing their technology efforts, where he feels they are most focused: their business, staff or clients
  • What he feels the technology marketplace needs to do to better meet the business needs of wealth managers

Thanks to Owen James Group and to Nick for sharing his time and thoughts.

More insights and opinions to follow soon. 

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