Solution introduction

Create advanced automated trading strategies without coding

Quantreex let's you backtest, optimize and trade many instruments simultaneously using technical indicators

  • Design algo trading strategies without coding
  • Trade live with your broker
  • Share your strategies with your peers

Our intuitive and easy to use user interface will let you build strategies in less than a few minutes.

  • Strategy designer
    The strategy designer let you create trading strategies intuitively, with ease. Strategies produced by our engine are fast and accurate.
  • Backtest engine
    The backtest engine let you backtest your strategies within a few seconds and cover many instruments and markets.
  • Optimization
    The optimization engine is used to improve the accuracy of your strategies with a variety of algorithms to fine tune your parameters.
  • Portfolios
    Strategies are executed using single or multiple portfolios to model real market conditions.
  • Live trading
    The live trade execution engine executes and monitor your trading strategies automatically over many brokers.
  • AI and Machine learning
    Quantreex utilizes advanced Machine Learning algorithms to ease the discovery process.

Who is it for?
Quantreex is intuitive, designed to be easy to use. It's a powerful tool for seasoned traders, professionals, and those who are just getting into automated trading.

  • Professionals
    If you trade for a living or just want that extra edge to compete in the financial markets you have come to the right place. Our platform provides the means to refine your strategies with speed, accuracy while controlling your risk.
  • Retail investors
    Quantreex is for investors of all categories. If you are interested in creating automated strategies to exploit market opportunities Quantreex is for you. Our powerful tools will give you the ability to trade with confidence.

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