Solution introduction

One-to-one coaching with Daniel

I help SaaS and data entrepreneurs to unlock growth by providing practical advice in the following areas:

  • Product solution strategy
    Your business growth starts with having the right product that addresses a real problem. Together, we create the perfect product/market fit. If you do not have a product yet, I help you find a lucrative product/market fit, using the latest ideation techniques.
  • Business strategy
    Entrepreneurs, like you, are under pressure to deliver growth fast, often with few resources. Together, we develop strategies to get to market quickly and efficiently, which means you monetise your investment fast, keep your investors happy and ensure other backers are knocking at your door.
  • Sales & marketing strategy
    Using salesmentor’s proven methodology, we grab your audience’s attention with carefully honed value propositions. Next, using the latest tools, we automate outreach and create an effective marketing funnel. If you do not have an existing sales team, I help you hire the best candidates, structure remuneration and get new hires up to speed.
  • Sales skills training
    I understand that you might not have budget to hire a full-time sales team during the early phases of your start-up and need to do things yourself. With salesmentor’s one-to-one and group training, we focus together on making you a sales superstar.


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