Solution introduction

Our proposition consists of an outsourced custody, trading and settlement service (powered by our publicly-documented API), supported by a suite of easy-to-use portfolio, client management and investor portals

Most outsourced custodians simply safeguard client assets in a non-segregated omnibus account, with the additional segmentation and reconciliation of client money performed by another third party, or at additional cost. But with Seccl, it comes as standard with our digital custody service – and at a low ongoing cost of 0.1% of client assets (tiering to zero for larger portfolios).

We facilitate the dealing of stocks and funds, and allow for direct settlement through Crest (as a direct member ourselves); while our portfolio management system allows for the efficient running of model portfolios.

Taken together, our services empower investment firms and wealth managers to:

  • Become more efficient; our API makes for easier integration with existing systems – be they back office/CRM or other
  • Maximise client relationships, by overseeing more of the end customer experience
  • Own more of the value chain – earning revenue from clients in the form of a platform fee, and from other businesses, too, if they licence their platform to others

Meanwhile, technically sophisticated firms can build their own highly-customised solutions directly on top of our API, without using our portals – offering even greater affordability, and empowering young ‘fintechs’ to bring exciting innovations to market quickly and cheaply.


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