Solution introduction

Your trusted partner for digital signature

Signatys helps you achieve your digital transformation

How it works?

SignMit App
SignMit is a mobile application allowing secured verification between banks and clients by connecting documents to their smartphones.

Digitalize any type of workflow requiring a hand-written signature or approval and speed up your manual processes while reducing your operational costs.

All the events are tracked in an audit trail so you keep body of evidence in case of customer complaint or legal issue.

Web API is a web tokenless and legally valid solution for digital signature. The solution can be integrated in-house with internal applications or called through our SaaS service.

Clients can decide to use the Web API for onboarding processes or integrate with in-house systems (eBanking, CRM, ERP, …).


  • Strong authentication
  • Audit trail
  • Digital signature
  • Secured mobile app

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