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SimCorp Coric client communications and reporting

Simple, efficient and consistent management of client communications and reporting, across traditional and digital channels

Client communication and reporting has never been more critical to an investment firm’s overall strategy. It sits at the center of the client experience and is the most tangible output to show what you do, and how you provide value to your end investors.

For many years the function has been confined to the back office, responsible for the production and delivery of periodic reports to clients – either as part of an SLA or regulatory obligation.

In recent years, increased client demands, combined with changing demographics and uncertain market conditions have meant that it has evolved to be one of an increasing number of touchpoints a firm has with its clients. Other areas of an investment management business are now also producing multiple client-facing materials and communicating with clients. This includes relationship managers, client service teams, operations, marketing, and digital teams.

Ensuring that your teams can deliver accurate data, consistent communications and an overall superior experience to your clients - faster and in increasing volumes across digital and traditional channels - is now paramount to success.

Gone are the one-way reporting methods of the past. In their place is an interactive relationship that creates efficiencies and improves client satisfaction. In short, clients want better and more reporting from their investment managers.

SimCorp Coric is designed to help firms elevate their client communications offering. Our core platform provides access to three modules covering client reporting, sales enablement and next generation portal.

As an integrated platform, it gathers your data from multiple sources and seamlessly delivers it through the distribution channels your clients now expect. With SimCorp Coric, communication is the hub of your organization and the source of your future differentiators.

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SimCorp Coric is designed to help firms elevate their client communications offering. Our core platform provides access to three modules covering client reporting, sales enablement and next generation portal.

SimCorp Coric's Sales Enablement
SimCorp Coric Sales Enablement alleviates the operational strain associated with the production and updating of pitchbooks and client presentations. The module leverages the same consistent data set,tools, processes and workflow available within the SimCorp Coric platform to manage presentations and pitchbooks in one central place.


Improved Efficiency -  A unified system that works across all your business units can improve workflow, reduce duplication and eliminate unnecessary effort.

Reduced risk - A built-in data validation process reduces duplication and data inconsistencies. This allows approved and compliant messages to be delivered to clients, regulators and stakeholders across the business.

Improved client experience - Effective communication is essential for improving client experience. SimCorp Coric puts the necessary tools in the hands of those who are closest to the clients because they are best placed to respond to their unique needs.

Improved customer acquisition and retention capability - Simplifying and modernizing your client communications when combined with our new next generation portal, transforms the function from back-office administration into a revenue-driven hub that can help investment management businesses grow.

Reduce workload - Using one platform across the business lowers training costs and mitigates key-person dependency. It also reduces the effort required to produce client-facing materials as design and layout is a one-time exercise. 

Reduce cost - Adopting a single platform can help to achieve significant cost savings from a maintenance, integration and licensing perspective. 


SimCorp Coric has a growing client base of over 60+ asset and wealth managers. Our clients range from the world's largest institutions to boutique investment firms. 

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