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Wealth managers need to anticipate the unpredictable

by Tamsin Hobley, Country Head UK and Ireland, SIX

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Fighting climate change is one of the most important goals on the global political agenda, with social and governance factors also being hot topics. This has instigated a global shift in the financial sector towards sustainable investment strategies, and the choice for future-oriented investors is expected to keep on growing....

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by SIX Group
| 27/08/2021 12:00:00

With the traditional lines between retail and institutional trading blurring, it is fair to say that wealth managers are being faced with an increasingly complex market to navigate. And with the repercussions of the volatility seen in 2020 still looming, they must embrace technological innovation and automation to keep their heads above water.

From the impacts of the pandemic to the aftermath of Brexit, wealth managers have had their fair share of market upheaval. And it is not to say that 2021 has been a smooth ride. With the continuation of hybrid working environments, and the unprecedented events that happened at the beginning of the year – the short squeeze on GameStop and the forced liquidation of Archegos, for example – clearly, risk and workflow management are top priorities across the industry.

The key takeaway from each of these individual events is that modern-day wealth managers need a real-time view of prices to navigate themselves through similar bouts of unexpected stock volatility. Why? Because capitalising on the increase in automation and technology means that wealth managers can keep up with the increasing demands placed on them by second-generation investors.

To improve efficiencies, workflows and manage working remotely with their own clients, wealth managers are increasingly turning to technology to support all aspects of their offering, including front, middle, and back office operational issues. This is where the efficiency and scope of the technology that wealth managers look to adopt has become increasingly important.

Wealth managers are also looking to invest resources in technologies which enable them to continue servicing their own clients to a high standard now more than ever before. These technologies, including investments in digital reporting, are underpinned by high quality data and services, better self-service tools and integrated systems that provide them with a more transparent view into their investment decisions. data and the security of the decisions made are crucial to identifying those all-important key risks.

Firms need data sets that can adapt quickly to any sudden bouts of market volatility. In turn, systems and technologies will need to modernise to accommodate such data and help wealth managers increase their data assets without increasing the associated costs.

Digitisation of client communications is another area in which better quality data and technology systems is required. Some wealth managers have even started to look to artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing them to better adapt to the current climate and counteract the operational burden caused by remote working.

In this way, data providers can support wealth managers in navigating future events that will undeniably impact the market, supporting the industry and investor-driven need for quality data to combat future stock volatility. And the first step in this process is adopting the right set of technology for your firm that efficiency processes risk reporting and enhances workflow management, all the while maximising investment value.

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