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by TechRules
| 01/12/2022 13:12:55

Before the pandemic, private banking was heading towards the digitalisation of transactional operations, after Covid-19 digital tools have increased exponentially. A few years ago, financial entities started developing a hybrid consulting methodology for investments. Customers could then get digital recommendations, thanks to Robo-Advisers with advanced algorithms, without losing personalised attention and human interaction with their advisers.

Hybrid Robo-Adviser prototypes offer important benefits when scenarios like the following arise: if clients are sceptical, tend to question advice generated from machines and prefer to rely on investment managers; when investors have personalised and professional treatment so they can balance their fiscal and financial goals (collection of tax losses, financial plan, net worth estimation…); or when customers have uncertainties (especially in this current situation when the markets are very volatile and unpredictable) and want their doubts and concerns to be personally addressed by financial advisers. Ultimately, those are customers who rather have a hybrid advice that combines Robo-Adviser tools with traditional investment managers that they are willing to pay for. That is to say, they find comfort in talking in person with experts.

Moreover, as markets have been fluctuating lately as a result of the stressful and uncertain times we are living in, these types of hybrid investment platforms could have an exceptional impact and return to entities.

In the specific case of our hybrid Robo-Adviser, investors will have access to a platform where they can complete a survey about their goals and risk tolerance. Depending on the result obtained, the Robo-Adviser will recommend to them the portfolio to invest in that best suits them based on the type of investor profile they are (conservative, moderate or aggressive) and after doing an exhaustive market analysis.

That way, they will be able to manage their wealth in a more efficient way but, constantly stay in touch with their financial advisers, who will personally verify and process their investments bringing extra value.

Another differential point of our Robo-Adviser is that it can be both on SaaS (uploaded in the Cloud, which is the option chosen by most companies) and “On-Premise” (on the banking entities’ servers). On the other hand, TechRules hybrid Robo-Adviser is multi-currency, multi-product and multi-segment. Therefore, every banking customer segment has access to this hybrid approach (young and mass affluent investors, affluent investors, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors).

Furthermore, TechRules’ Robo-Adviser complies with each region’s regulations and is specifically adapted to European legislations such as MiFID II and SFDR that obliges customers’ environment investment preference options to be included in the suitability survey. The Robo-Adviser is a digital solution that offers investment portfolio management software and, therefore, we have adapted our product to be able to offer thematic model portfolios – including ESG, onboarding questionnaires, compliance checks and taking into account your reporting needs.

Additionally, TechRules’ Robo-Adviser also provides high-quality support and even a specific SLA if it is required.

In summary, this huge technological and financial breakthrough will let financial entities take advantage of the best of each world (digital and face-to-face) and offer its clients superior customer service to manage their investments. 

TechRules has been helping financial advisers to reach their goals for over two decades. Now, we are taking a step further and offering our international experience with digital solutions and Robo-Advisers to provide our customers with a hybrid answer for their final clients.

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