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Scalable, API-ready Investment Software for Discretionary Wealth Management integrated in a Wealth Management Solution

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1. Build Portfolio manager Improve your investments with our advanced financial tool. T-report The high-quality analysis of any holding. Investment planner Seven different goals to meet you investment objectives. Optimiser A professional feature to improve the portfolio performance. 2. Monitor Portfolio watchlist Create your own list of different assets. Alerts Receive relevant notifications on your positions. 3. Find Investment opportunities Discover a selection of interesting securities...

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by TechRules
| 18/10/2022 14:45:24

In this case study, TechRules looks at the results of the implementation of its investment
platform and the benefits it brought to wealth advisers and managers.

The case study focuses on the flexibility of the platform, as it supports adviser firms in their
digitalisation of the investment process. “With TechRules, you get access to an adaptable
and customisable process that meets your business requirements in an ever-changing
world”, reads the report.

The platform includes Advisory, Discretionary and Execution and is completed by a white-label Robo-adviser developed to adapt to the needs, platforms, and systems of the user through APIs or actual developed fronts. 

Learn more about this all-in-one platform in the image below!