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Model Portfolio Service (MPS) provide risk-rated portfolios, controlled by a powerful and complex investment methodology. Performance-based information on investment assets is widely available We provide quant-based research to support businesses get more time with their clients. Our goal is to share our expertise, consistency in the investment process, and a market advantage...

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Tower is the TechRules leading software solution for wealth management. It is the answer to obtain a complete lifecycle in advisory and open a new communication channel with the clients. Investment proposals, reporting and portfolio management, amongst other services, will be substantially improved with our innovative solution. Our tools empower advisors to...

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by TechRules
| 24/04/2020 17:22:04

Over the last years, the financial advisory industry has been affected by multiple changes. With events such as Brexit, Big Data, ESG and the need for financial consultants to take a greater economic and financial formation, financial firms are facing all these challenges that demand a more specialized and an improvement in the quality of their services.

In the emerging digital age, financial advisers need to find the balance between a customer-centric strategy and a digital, user-centric approach.

In a digital environment there are more variables and a larger amount of data playing a key role in the investor’s journey. Additionally, a more regulated market requires financial planning services to initiate new, more efficient and interactive communication channels between investors and adviser.

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TechRules is a leading consultancy and wealth management software provider for financial entities, focused on the digital transformation in financial services. For more than 20 years TechRules has developed cutting-edge modular and scalable solutions for the whole financial sector: retail and personal banking, private wealth managers, fund managers, IFAs and family offices. TechRules’s flagship solution is Tower: a global comprehensive platform built up with APIs to respond to any final customer demand and to any management process.

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