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TechRules launches in Tower a new business generation module totally integrated

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Tower is the TechRules leading software solution for wealth management. It is the answer to obtain a complete lifecycle in advisory and open a new communication channel with the clients. Investment proposals, reporting and portfolio management, amongst other services, will be substantially improved with our innovative solution. Our tools empower advisors to...

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by TechRules
| 19/05/2021 12:00:00

Tower, leading wealth management platform for advisors and financial entities, has developed a new module for campaigns and business development, a new feature that allows advisers to reach many more clients in an easier and personalized way

This new module inside this powerful wealth management software has two principal functionalities: it can be used by a manager to create customer  campaigns for several advisors or by an individual advisor who wants to create its own campaigns for his clients.

The main goal is to grow in a simple and effective way, obtaining new clients and growing with the existing ones, all with a detailed follow-up.

In the manual proposal generation, the advisor can send the proposal directly to his client, being this feature something unique in this system of campaign generation inside Tower. 

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence this wealth management software is able to generate prospects and new leads. The algorithm works with the profiles that the advisor has previously created, generating similar profiles that take into consideration factors like age, profile and heritage of each client.

Customer experience and follow-up
This new option integrated in Tower makes this solution even more competitive. With the same historic Tower´s CRM, it has been included a customer follow up system: when the client was contacted for the first time, if the proposal was accepted, if he was interested, etc. In this way the advisor is able to develop customizable proposals and to have a unique communication with his clients.

AI Customer campaign selection 
When a campaign is created the adviser can select and add clients automatically, with a system based on clustering algorithms using Artificial Intelligence, or with a manual selection of clients using specific criteria. 

Productive and profitable
Thanks to the versatility and easiness of this new Tower campaign module, an advisor is able to have complete control above all the goals and objectives to reach on each campaign, trying that the Aums are superiot than the initial amount.

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TechRules is a leading consultancy and wealth management software provider for financial entities, focused on the digital transformation in financial services. For more than 20 years TechRules has developed cutting-edge modular and scalable solutions for the whole financial sector: retail and personal banking, private wealth managers, fund managers, IFAs and family offices. TechRules’s flagship solution is Tower: a global comprehensive platform built up with APIs to respond to any final customer demand and to any management process.