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Freedom and peace of mind for your private digital life and e-banking

We are building the first ultra-secure social computing platform - around a 2mm-thin personal computer and a new certification body. It brings previously unimagined peace of mind and civil freedoms to the private digital life, e-health and e-banking of millions of wealthy and politically-exposed persons.

We achieve radically-unprecedented levels of confidentiality and integrity - while ensuring legitimate lawful access transparently and safely, via an uncompromisingly trustless approach - down to CPU design, chip fabrication oversight and hosting room access - as certified by a new ultra-resilient Trustless Computing Certification Body, being built by our NGO arm since 2015.

Initially, for top clients and employees of large private banks and enterprises, it seamlessly enables ultra-secure messaging, social network, transactions with partnering bank, password manager, contract editing and signing, intergenerational data/crypto custody, journal, and dozens of third-party apps; while replacing all other devices used by employees for digital authentication, and access to physical spaces.

Our Seevik Pod is carried face-out in luxury leather wallets in a variety of styles, and then also embedded in the back of 5.5mm-thin phones, made by a top-brand partner, and in more basic models, bringing unimagined levels of digital civil freedoms to all.

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Seevik Pod

Problem There are 16 million high net-worth individuals in the world, accruing US$53 trillion in wealth. In May 2019, a UBS Group poll found that cybersecurity is high-net-worth individuals’ second greatest concern, after “their country politics”. Yet, no matter how much they are willing to spend - except for niche use cases and......

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