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The Wealth Mosaic, a new global market network dedicated to the business needs of the wealth management sector, is now live

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 19/09/2017 12:00:00

A unique, focused and engaging digital knowledge resource, The Wealth Mosaic is being built based on a deep, curated and tracked directory of relevant solutions and solution providers. In a market that is facing considerable change, The Wealth Mosaic has been conceived to meet the business needs of wealth managers and solution providers alike, bringing all relevant solutions and solution providers globally into one focused directory, tracking and analysing their developments, and hosting, creating and centralising a diverse range of relevant content to support the market’s knowledge needs. This is a digital and engaging yellow pages for wealth managers.

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London, September 19th, 2017 – The Wealth Mosaic, a new online knowledge resource, built specifically to support the changing business needs of the wealth management sector across the globe, is now live. The platform is free for all forms of wealth manager across the globe and is aimed at supporting them to easily search for and discover solutions, solution providers and knowledge resources based on their specific business needs. On the other side, for solution providers, the platform offers a freemium model to support their easy and efficient discovery, awareness and understanding in the marketplace by relevant wealth managers.

The platform has been built by its two founding partners to fill a clear gap in the market for a knowledge resource that is dedicated to the wealth management sector, built out from a comprehensive and evolving directory with international depth, and constantly engaged on both the buying and selling sides to support the sector’s business needs.

Whether in supporting wealth managers to easily discover what they need, helping solution providers to grow awareness of their offering, highlighting and tracking sector developments such as new solutions or other aspects of the proposition, The Wealth Mosaic has been built to support the changing business and knowledge needs of the sector. More importantly, it exists to close the knowledge gap between wealth managers and the deep market of solution providers.

The Wealth Mosaic is:

For wealth managers – a free resource to search and discover and engage and connect with a global, constantly evolving directory of relevant solutions, solution providers and a wide range of knowledge resources (such as news, insights, blogs, videos, data, and so on). All in one place.

For solution providers – a cost-efficient channel to support and enhance the effective positioning, marketing and exposure of their business, solutions and knowledge before their target audiences. The platform not only hosts and distributes their content but works with firms to create content and facilitate engagement with potential buyers from the wealth management buyside.

Stephen Wall, co-founder & head of marketplace & content of The Wealth Mosaic commented, ‘The wealth management sector across the globe is facing significant change. Given this, there is clear need for dedicated and accessible knowledge resources focused on the sector’s business needs’.

Stephen added, ‘We have built the platform based on a dedicated and curated directory of solutions and solution providers. By focusing on one sector, we can go deep and be constantly engaged. Further, through our digital marketplace, we can easily capture, categorise and track new solutions and providers, as well as create and distribute a broad range of content that is relevant to the market. By bringing together a fragmented market into one place, we believe we can create an engaging, dynamic and intelligent knowledge resource for the sector.

Simon Ramery, co-founder & head of strategy & sales at The Wealth Mosaic, added, ‘As market themes such as raised client expectations, further regulatory rulings, on-going legacy issues and other elements continue to bite, it is clear that discovery, understanding and decision-making need to happen at a quicker pace than before. Given this backdrop, the aim of The Wealth Mosaic is to bring a wide range of solutions, solution providers and knowledge resources into one place and help all sides succeed in this exciting but challenging environment’

Wall added, ‘Rather than a static resource, our goal is to create a live, engaging and constantly evolving platform, tracking and understanding market developments and communicating these to our community through multiple online and offline channels, as well as a broad range of partnerships. Our directory is our engine room of knowledge collection and creation to truly support bringing wealth managers together with solution providers. We believe the sector is increasingly going to be focused on collaboration and partnership and so by building the global digital yellow pages for the sector, we can support its evolution into the future.’

The structure of The Wealth Mosaic

The platform has a structure to capture, categorise and distribute relevant content for the benefit of both wealth managers and solution providers. That structure consists of:

  • Marketplaces – a marketplace is a dedicated microcosm of relevant solutions, providers and knowledge resources. At launch, the first marketplaces will be Technology & Data and Consulting & Research. A total of 12 marketplaces are currently planned.
  • ​​​​Business needs – within each marketplace are a dedicated set of business needs. These are again a dedicated microcosm of relevant solutions, providers and knowledge resources. Within Technology & Data, for instance, are 23 business need categories.
  • Filters (coming soon) – within each business need will be set of filters such as by geography, business model and features / functionality. Each marketplace and business need starts with a global view but filters will allow users to create a more focused view.
  • Themes (coming soon) – the platform will feature themes as an additional but different means to bring together relevant solutions, providers and knowledge resources. Themes could be a topic such as digitalisation, MiFID, DOL, engaging the next generation, technology innovation in wealth management, and so on.

The content of The Wealth Mosaic
In terms of the content on the platform, the platform will host three lead forms of content:

  • Solution profiles – the directory is formed of a growing number of individual solution profiles. Distributed across the 23 business need categories of the Technology & Data marketplace, for instance, are currently around 1,400 individual solution profiles. This number will soon grow to over 2,000 in Technology & Data alone.
  • Business profiles – behind the solution profiles are the business profiles. At launch, there are approximately 500 business profiles in the Technology & Data marketplace, for instance. This number will also grow to over 750 shortly.
  • Knowledge resources – the platform will host and create a wide range of knowledge resources including news, insights, blogs, videos, vide interviews, webinars, events, presentations, factsheets, case studies, and so on. 

Early adopter solution providers and partners
The Wealth Mosaic team would like to thanks some of its early adopter solution providers. These include additiv, Adviscent, Appway, Delio and Qumram. In addition, we would like to thank our early partners for their support so far. These include Owen James, PIMFA and Raconteur.

For further information:
Stephen Wall
Co-Founder & Head of Marketplace & Content
+44 7498 327 932

Simon Ramery
Co-Founder & Head of Strategy & Sales
+44 7500 873833