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The Wealth Mosaic now hosts 830 business profiles and over 2,350 solution profiles

As we build out the most relevant, complete and engaging directory of solutions and solution providers to the business needs of wealth managers

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 06/08/2018 17:32:42

Our directory-led platform now hosts 830 business profiles and over 2,350 individual solution profiles, all relevant to the business needs of wealth managers. These profiles, discovered through our constant research across the sector, are each categorised and accessible across the 38 individual Business Needs categories that sit within our first two live Marketplaces, Technology & Data and Consulting & Research.

We are building the most relevant, complete and engaging directory of solutions and solution providers to the business needs of wealth managers because the sector (whether those acting as the buyers or those acting as the sellers) has a clear need for this independent, focused, comprehensive and accessible resource. The sector has more needs and there are more providers seeking to meet those needs. The industry therefore has a clear need for our directory-based digital marketplace.

Total number of profiles

Further growth coming
But we are not stopping here. This is just the start. Our process of research and discovery is ongoing and a core part of the build and maintenance of our platform. Importantly, this process is also a significant part of how we will turn a fantastic directory-based marketplace into a market-leading knowledge and intelligence platform for the wealth management sector. We already have almost 500 more business profiles in our system to publish online. 

Business profiles by geography
Looking across these 830 business profiles, they come from a total of 37 countries so far. The leading five contributing countries/regions, where these businesses are headquartered, are:

Business and solution profiles by Business Needs
As highlighted, these business and solution profiles are categorised across the Business Needs structure within our Technology & Data and Consulting & Research marketplaces. The number of business and solution profiles within each Business Need category is highlighted below. 

The Technology & Data Marketplace

The Consulting & Research Marketplace

Watch this space as we continue to grow our platform and build in new content and tools to support wealth managers in their discovery needs and solution providers with their engagement needs.


For further details on our marketplace, featuring in it or working with us, please contact:

Stephen Wall
Head of Marketplace & Content
Tel: +44 7498 327 932