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Grow your assets and boost transactions

Clients have made it clear, they want banks to guide them in their future decisions and provide personalised, meaningful advice

The Unblu suite enables advisors and customers to engage, converse, browse & collaborate in the same web asset or mobile application simultaneously. Our customers leverage their existing investments in digital channels, increase the number of customer interactions and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Unblu's solution is helping the world's leading banks to bring conversations to their digital channels. We provide highly secure engagement and collaboration software, that helps to increase revenue and efficiency while reducing costs and improving digital customer interaction. Clients using our technology have been able to cut customer support calls in half, achieve four times as many client meetings as in branches, increase customer satisfaction and produce a 90% recommendation rate. Unblu is helping to transform the future of online banking.

Unblu: Solution deployment options, reasons and learnings

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools


Unblu: How the firm is developing the solution offering

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools


Unblu: An introduction to the solution offering

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools


Unblu: An introduction to the business

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools


Unblu: Private banking use case

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools


Jens Rabe, Unblu COO, at FintechTalents

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools


FinTECHtalents interview with Jens Rabe, COO, unblu

Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools



Secure Messenger: provides the ability for an agent and an authenticated visitor to securely exchange messages asynchronously. This extends the session concept to run offline and indefinitely. It has been specially designed for advisory use cases. 

Video & Audio: this feature allows you to provide a fully personalised experience. The prospect/customer will be able to meet the advisor and talk to him in person just as he would in a bank branch. 


  • Embedded co-browsing: join a visitor on your site or application literally in the middle of what he's doing. 
  • Universal co-browsing: More flexibility. Participants can navigate together to any site on the web. 
  • Document co-browsing: Collaborate and guide through intricate documentation.
  • Mobile co-browsing: Collaborate with customers on their mobile devices. Guide them through the banking mobile apps. 
  • LiveChat + LiveView: enables users to communicate directly and immediately with agents and support staff. Through Unblu’s chat, customers and agents can share documents, images or whatever they might need. In this context, if the agent needs to know where the customer is exactly, he can activate LiveView. The agent will be faster and better, the agent will understand and resolve the problem in context.


These are our most common use cases:

  • Advice: put your advisors in your customer's pocket.
    Increase the opportunities for customers to engage through tools they use every day. Asynchronous messaging enhances the relationship between your customers and advisors. It provides an unobtrusive, asynchronous, secure manner for providing ongoing advice to clients.

  • Transact: compete and close more transactions.
    Increasing the digital touchpoints with your customer will increase the rate of conversion. Unblu allows banks to build on their traditional strengths of knowledge and trust and improve service over their digital channels. Let your customers manage their money in the same way they now shop, socialize, communicate and learn. Provide a seamless customer experience.

  • Support/customer care: provide outstanding contextual customer experience.
    Investors judge providers not just against their financial peers, but against technology leaders like Google, Apple or Amazon. A seamless digital experience on par with such leaders results in greater trust and more sales.

Key Data

  • Licence
Implementation Methods
  • Hosted (public cloud)
  • Hosted (private cloud)
  • On-premise
  • On-premise or hosted
Type of Clients
  • Digital wealth manager
  • Global Private Bank
  • Multi-Family Office
  • Regional Private Bank
  • Retail bank wealth manager
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Client Regional Presence
  • North America
  • Western Europe


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