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Creating and delivering private asset platforms

Delio helps financial institutions and organisations enhance their offering by connecting private deal flow with high net worth capital

Delio is a complete white label platform solution for private assets, that helps organisations and their advisors enhance their offering through connecting private deal flow with high net worth capital.

Providing flexibility and control, our configurable platforms can connect together multiple institutions so deal flow can be shared both internally and externally, increasing scalability in a structured, compliant manner.

From offices in Cardiff, London and Brussels, Delio is building a series of multi asset-class, connected private markets for a range of use cases. Examples include direct equity, impact investing, private debt and real estate.

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CBTC, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AY, United Kingdom

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+44 2920 647 015

Solution provider video: A video introduction to Delio and its platform

Delio Solutions


Private asset propositions are vital for staying relevant to today's clients; helping attract prospects and improve engagement with existing clients. Delio's white label platform enables wealth managers to build new private asset propositions or digitise existing ones. We provide all the tools and features necessary to create an engaging platform which......

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Individual institutional platforms can use DelioConnect to access an over-arching catalogue of network participants and identify vetted individuals or institutional participants allowing them to connect under their terms of business confidentially. Once a connection is made, interactions can occur between both parties securely. DelioConnect members dictate whom they connect with and......

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Regulatory and Support Services

We work hand in hand to design solutions to meet your ambitions and can develop your core capabilities through a range of consultancy, regulatory and support services. We appreciate and understand the regulatory and compliance challenges facing organisations offering private assets to individual investors; mainly when operating across borders or......

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